Author Anderson, Ben
Article Title A liberal countryside? The Manchester Ramblers' Federation and the ‘social readjustment’ of urban citizens, 1929–1936
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Source Urban history. vol. 38, pt. 1 (May 2011), p.84-102
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Journal Title Urban history.
Copy vol. 38, pt. 1 (May 2011), p.84-102
ISSN 0963-9268
Brief substance Ramblers often voiced reformist ideas about how cities and their inhabitants might be improved. This article demonstrates how the Manchester Ramblers' Federation utilized themes of freedom and order to define and regulate urban movements in rural space. It explores how this group of ramblers defined rambling as a ‘readjustment’ to illiberal aspects of urban life, portrayed other performances in the countryside as harmful and illegitimate and finally sought to utilize technologies drawn from their experience of urban culture to regulate conduct in the countryside.
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