Author Eisenberg, Dan T.A
Article Title Paternal and grandpaternal ages at conception and descendant telomere lengths in chimpanzees and humans
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Source American journal of physical anthropology. vol. 162, no. 2 (Feb. 2017), p. 201-207
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Journal Title American journal of physical anthropology.
Copy vol. 162, no. 2 (Feb. 2017), p. 201-207
ISSN 00029483
Co author Tackney, Justin
Co author Hawkes, Kristen
Co author Cawtohn, Richard M
Co author Cloutier, Charistina Theresa
Brief substance Telomeres are repeating DNA at chromosome ends. Telomere length (TL) declines with age in most human tissues, and shorter TL is thought to accelerate senescence. In contrast, older men have sperm with longer TL; correspondingly, older paternal age at conception (PAC) predicts longer TL in offspring. This PAC-effect could be a unique form of transgenerational genetic plasticity that modifies somatic maintenance in response to cues of recent ancestral experience. The PAC-effect has not been examined in any non-human mammals
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