Author Marsteller, Sara J
Article Title Investigating economic specialization on the central Peruvian coast: A reconstruction of Late Intermediate Period Ychsma diet using stable isotopes
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Source American journal of physical anthropology. vol. 162, no. 2 (Feb. 2017), p. 300-317
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Journal Title American journal of physical anthropology.
Copy vol. 162, no. 2 (Feb. 2017), p. 300-317
ISSN 00029483
Co author Zolotova, Natalya
Co author Knudson, Kelly J
Brief substance Hypothetical models of socioeconomic organization in pre-Columbian societies generated from the rich ethnohistoric record in the New World require testing against the archaeological and bioarchaeological record. Here, we test ethnohistorian Maria Rostworowski's horizontality model of socioeconomic specialization for the Central Andean coast by reconstructing dietary practices in the Late Intermediate Period (c. AD 900-1470) Ychsma polity to evaluate complexities in social behaviors prior to Inka imperial influence
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