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Title "Male" and "female" in developing Southeast Asia / edited by Wazir Jahan Karim.
Published Oxford ;Washington, D. C., USA : Berg Publishers, 1995
Detail xiv, 267 p. : ill. ; 22 cm
Added Author Wazir-Jahan Karim
  Van Esterik, Penny. Rewriting Gender and Development Anthropology in Southeast Asia
  Firth, Rosemary. A Woman Looks Back on the Anthropology of Women and Feminist Anthropology
  Karim, Wazir Jahan Genderising Anthropology in Southeast Asia : introduction
  Klein-Hutheesing, Otome. Gender at the Margins of Southeast Asia
  Karim, Wazir Jahan Bilateralism and Gender in Southeast Asia
  Nagata, Judith A. Modern Malay Women and the Message of the 'Veil'
  Hobart, Mark. Engendering Disquiet: On Kinship and Gender in Bali
  Mayoury Ngaosyvathn. Buddhism, Merit Making and Gender: The Competition for Salvation in Laos
  Hughes-Freeland, Felicia 1954-. Performance and Gender in Javanese Palace Tradition
  Illo, Jean Frances. Redefining the 'Maybahay' or Housewife: Reflections on the Nature of Women's Work in the Philippines
  Rudie, Ingrid. Significance of 'Eating': Cooperation, Support, and Reputation in Kelantan Malay Households
  O'Harrow, Stephen. Vietnamese Women and Confucianism: Creating Spaces from Patriarchy
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