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Title Situated lives : gender and culture in everyday life / edited by Louise Lamphere, Helena Ragone, and Patricia Zavella.
Published New York : Routledge, 1997
Detail 493 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Lamphere, Louise
  Ragone, Helena
  Zavella, Patricia
  Lamphere, Louise. Introduction
  Ragone, Helena. Introduction
  Zavella, Patricia. Introduction
  Narayan, Kirin. How Native Is a "Native" Anthropologist?
  Zavella, Patricia. Feminist Insider Dilemmas: Constructing Ethnic Identity with "Chicana" in formants
  Limon, Jose E. Carne, Carnales, and the Carnivalesque: Bakhtinian Batos, Disorder, and Narrative Discourses
  Martin, Emily. The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles
  Franklin, Sarah. Making Sense of Missed Conceptions: Anthropological Perspectives on Unexplained Infertility
  Ragone, Helena. Chasing the Blood Tie: Surrogate Mothers, Adoptive Mothers, and Fathers / Helena Ragone
  Rapp, Rayna. Constructing Amniocentesis: Maternal and Medical Discourses
  Ginsburg, Faye. The "Word-Made" Flesh: The Disembodiment of Gender in the Abortion Debate
  Lopez, Iris. Agency and Constraint: Sterilization and Reproductive Freedom Among Puerto Rican Women in New York City
  Williams, Brett. Reinventing the South
  Lewin, Ellen. "This Permanent Roommate"
  Pesquera, Beatriz M. "In the Beginning He Wouldn't Lift Even a Spoon": The Division of Household Labor
  Gutmann, Matthew C. The Meanings of Macho: Changing Mexican Male Identities
  Stack, Carol. Holding Hands
  Rollins, Judith. Invisibility, Consciousness of the Other, Ressentiment
  Salzinger, Leslie. A Maid by Any Other Name: The Transformation of "Dirty Work" by Central American Immigrants
  Segura, Denise A. Chicanas in White-Collar Jobs: "You Have to Prove Yourself More"
  Knock 'Em Dead: Work on the Killfloor of a Modern Beefpacking Plant / Donald D. Stull 311
  Lamphere, Louise. Women's Resistance in the Sunbelt: Anglos and Hispanas Respond to Managerial Control
  Ong, Aihwa. Spirits of Resistance
  Stoler, Ann L. Making Empire Respectable: The Politics of Race and Sexual Morality in Twentieth-Century Colonial Cultures
  Comaroff, Jean. The Empire's Old Clothes: Fashioning the Colonial Subjecs
  Babcock, Barbara A. Mudwomen and Whitemen: A Meditation on Pueblo Potteries and the Politics of Representation
  Moran, Mary H. Warriors or Soldiers? Masculinity and Ritual Transvestism in the Liberian Civil War
  Harrison, Faye V. The Gendered Politics and Violence of Structural Adjustment: A View from Jamaica
  Pena, Devon G. The Mirror of Exploitation
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