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Title Max Weber : critical assessments 2 V.1 : politics and the political context / edited by Peter Hamilton.
Published London : Routledge, 1998
Detail 431 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Aron, Raymond, 1905-1983. Max Weber und die Machtpolitik
  Ashcraft, Richard. Marx and Weber on Liberalism as Bourgeois Ideology
  Barbalet, J.M. Power and Resistance
  Bendix, Reinhard. Inequality and Social Structure :A Comparison of Marx ans Weber
  Braungart, Richard. Metatheoretical Note on Max Weber's Political Sociology
  Breuer, Stefan. Illusion of Politics :Politics and Rationalization in Max Weber and Georg Lukacs
  Cohen, Jean. Legacy of Max Weber :A Non-Metaphysical Politics
  Gerth, Hans H. Max Weber :A Man Under Stress
  Gunlicks, Arthur B. Max Weber's Typology of Politicians :A Reexamination
  Hamilton, Peter, 1947-
  Hennis, Wilhelm. Max Weber 'Central Question'
  Hennis, Wilhelm. Voluntarism and Judgement :Max Weber's Political View in the Context of his Work
  Lewis, John. Max Weber and Karl Marx
  McIntosh, Donald. Max Weber as a Critical Theorist
  Mommsen, Wolfgang J. Antinomian Structure of Max Weber's Political Thought
  Momsen, Wolfgang J. Domesitic Factors in German Foreign Policy before 1914
  Parsons, Talcott. Democracy and Social Structure in Pre-Nazi Germany
  Scaff, Lawrence A. Max Weber's Politics and Political Education
  Schluchter, Wolfgang. Bureaucracy and Democracy :On the Relationship of Political Efficiency and Political Freedom in Max Weber
  Tatsis, Nicholas Ch. On Max Weber's Definition of Power
  Wallimann, Isider. On Max Weber's Definition of Power
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