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Title The sociology of the environment : V.1/ edited by Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate.
Series The international library of critical writings in sociology ; -- 1
Published Aldershot, UK : E. Elgar Pub., c1995
Detail 612 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Bahro, Rudolf. 'Ecology Crisis and Socialist Idea'
  Benton, Ted. 'Marxism and Natural Limits :An Ecological Critique and Reconstruction'
  Bookchin, Murray. 'Toward an Ecological Society'
  Cotgrove, Stephen. 'Catastrophe or Cornucopia'
  Darling, Frank Freaser. 'Man and Nature'
  Dickens, Peter. '"Nature as Man's Inorganic Body" :Marx's Conceptual Framework'
  Dunlap, Riley E. 'From Environmental to Ecological Problems'
  Engels, Frederick. 'Introduction to Dialectics of Nature'
  Engels, Frederick. 'Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man'
  Enzensberger, Hans Magnus. 'Critique of Political Ecology'
  Galtung, Johan. 'Green Movement :A Socio-Historical Exploration'
  Glacken, Clarence J. 'Introductoty Essay'
  Gorz, Andre. 'Ecology and Freedom'
  Grundmann, Reiner. 'Ecological Challenge to Marxism'
  Hirsch, Fred. 'Introduction :The Argument in Brief'
  Lowe, Philip D. 'Ecology and Ideology'
  O'Connor, James. 'Political Economy of Ecology of Socialism and Capitalism'
  O'Connor, James. 'Uneven and Combined Development and Ecological Crisis :A Theoretical Introduction'
  O'Riordan, T. 'Evolution of Modern Environmentalism'
  Pepper, David. 'Marxist Perspective on Nature and Environmentalism'
  Perelman, Michael. 'Marx and Resources'
  Redclift, M. R., ed
  Redclift, Michael. 'Political Economy and the Environment'
  Redclift, Michael. 'Turning Nightmares into Dreams :The Green Movement in Eastern Europe'
  Ryle, Martin. 'Socialism in an Ecological Perspective'
  Sandbach, Francis. 'Environmental Movement :Alternative Explanations'
  Schmidt, A. 'Mediation of Nature through Society and Society through Nature'
  Schumacher, E.F. 'Role of Economics'
  Williams, Raymond. Socialism and Ecology
  Woodgate, Graham, 1960-, ed
  Worboys, Michael W. 'Ecology and Ideology'
  Yearley, Steven. 'Putting the Green Case Together'
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