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Title Ethnicity / edited by John Hutchinson and Anthony D. Smith.
Published Oxford ;New York : Oxford University Press, 1996
Detail ix, 448 p. : maps ; 22 cm
Added Author Hutchinson, John, 1949-
  Smith, Anthony D
  Schermerhorn, Richard. Ethnicity and Minority Groups
  Chapman, Malcolm. History and Ethnicity
  McDonald, Maryon. History and Ethnicity
  Tonkin, Elisabeth. History and Ethnicity
  Nash, Manning. The Core Elements of Ethnicity
  Eriksen, Thomas H. Ethnicity, Race, Class and Nation
  Weber, Max. The Origins of Ethnic Groups
  Geertz, Clifford. Primordial Ties
  Eller, Jack. The Poverty of Primordialism
  Coughlan, Reed. The Poverty of Primordialism
  Grosby, Steven. The Inexpungeable Tie of Primordiality
  van den Berghe, Pierre. Does Race Matter?
  Fishman, Joshua. Ethnicity as Being, Doing and Knowing
  Connor, Walker. Beyond Reason: The Nature of the Ethnonational Bond
  Barth, Fredrik, 1928- Ethnic Groups and Boundaries
  Cohen, Abner. Ethnicity and Politics
  Brass, Paul R. Ethnic Groups and Ethnic Identity Formation
  Hechter, Michael. Ethnicity and Rational Choice Theory
  Banton, Michael. The Actor's Model of Ethnic Relations
  McNeill, William H. Pre-modern Polyethnicity and Ethnic Homogeneity
  Finley, Moses. The Ancient Greeks and their Nation
  Lehmann, Jean-Pierre. The Cultural Roots of Modern Japan
  Armstrong, John. Archetypal Diasporas
  Bartlett, Robert. Language and Ethnicity in Medieval Europe
  Moynihan, Daniel P. Beyond the Melting Pot
  Glazer, Nathan. Beyond the Melting Pot
  Bell, Daniel. Ethnicity and Social Change
  Gans, Herbert J. Symbolic Ethnicity
  James, Winston. The Making of Black Identities
  Hall, Stuart. The New Ethnicities
  Balibar, Etienne. Fictive Ethnicity and Ideal Nation
  Brubaker, Rogers. Civic and Ethnic Nations in France and Germany
  Tibi, Bassam. Old Tribes and Imposed Nation-States in the Middle East
  Zenner, Walter. Middlemen Minorities
  Smith, Anthony D. Chosen Peoples
  Enloe, Cynthia. Religion and Ethnicity
  Kitromilides, Paschalis. Orthodoxy and Nationalism
  Velimsky, Vitezslav. Ethnic and Political Nations in Europe
  Krejci, Jaroslav. Ethnic and Political Nations in Europe
  Landau, Jacob. Diaspora and Language
  Edwards, John. Symbolic Ethnicity and Language
  Vail, LeRoy. The Creation of Ethnicity in South Africa
  Smith, M. G. The Plural Society
  Rex, John. Multiculturalism in Europe
  Dikotter, Frank. The Idea of 'Race' in Modern China
  Geiss, Immanuel. Pan-Africanism and European Imperialism
  Poliakov, Leon. The Aryan Myth and Biblical Universalism
  Kuper, Leo. Genocide and the Plural Society
  Fein, Helen. The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust
  Stone, John. Internal Colonialism
  Enloe, Cynthia. Ethnic Soldiers
  Horowitz, Donald. Symbolic Politics and Ethnic Status
  Mallon, Florencia E. Indigenous Peoples and the State in Latin America
  Harrison, Selig S. Ethnicity and Politics in Pakistan: The Baluch Case
  Brass, Paul. The Politics of Ethnicity in India
  Brown, David. Ethnicity, Nationalism and Democracy in South-East Asia
  Kandiyoti, Deniz. Women, Ethnicity, and Nationalism
  Esman, Milton J. Diasporas and International Relations
  Wiberg, Hakan. Self-Determination as an International Issue
  Hanf, Theodor. Conflict-Regulation in Deeply Divided Societies
  Smooha, Sammy. Conflict-Regulation in Deeply Divided Societies
  O'Leary, Brendan. Eliminating and Managing Ethnic Differences
  McGarry, John. Eliminating and Managing Ethnic Differences
  Taras, Ray. Post-Soviet Ethnic Conflict and International Politics
  Breton, Raymond. From Ethnic to Civic Nationalism: English Canada and Quebec
  Hobsbawm, Eric. Ethnic Nationalism in the Late Twentieth Century
  Morrissey, Michael. Australia: Multi-Ethnic Community Without Nationalism?
  Kalantzis, Mary Australia: Multi-Ethnic Community Without Nationalism?
  Cope, Bill. Australia: Multi-Ethnic Community Without Nationalism?
  Castles, Steven. Australia: Multi-Ethnic Community Without Nationalism?
  Melucci, Alberto. The Post-Modern Revival of Ethnicity
  Yoshino, Kosaku. Globalization and Ethno-Cultural Differences
  Hutchinson, John. Ethnicity and Multiculturalism in Immigrant Societies
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