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Title Tradition, pluralism and identity : in honour of T.N. Madan / edited by Veena Das, Dipankar Gupta, Patricia Uberoi.
Published New Delhi ;Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1999
Detail 476 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Apffel-Marglin, Frederique. Secularism, unicity and diversity: The case of Haracandi's grove
  Babb, Lawrence A. Rejecting violence: Sacrifice and the social identity of trading communities
  Brass, Paul R. Secularism out of its place
  Caplan, Lionel. Gifting and receiving: Anglo-Indian charity and its beneficiaries in Madras
  Das, Veena
  Das, Veena. Tradition, pluralism, identity: Framing the issues
  Eck, Diana L. The imagined landscape: Patterns in the construction of Hindu sacred geography
  Gould, Harold A. The Babri Masjid and the secular contract
  Gupta, Dipankar, 1949-
  Gupta, Dipankar. Caste and politics: The presumption of numbers
  Jain, Ravindra K. Indian diaspora, globalisation and multiculturalism: A cultural analysis
  Khare, R. S. The issue of 'right to food' among the Hindus: Notes and comments
  Kleinman, Arthur. The politics of moral practice in psychotherapy and religious healing
  Madan, T. N
  Marriott, McKim. The female family core explored ethnosociologically
  McGilvray, Dennis B. Arabs, Moors and Muslims: Sri Lankan Muslim ethnicity in regional perspective
  Nandy, Ashis. The twilight of certitudes: Secularism, Hindu nationalism and other masks of deculturation
  Olivelle, Patrick. Caste and purity: A study in the language of the Dharma literature
  Rudolph, Lloyd I. Self as other: Amar Singh's diary as reflexive 'native' ethnography
  Seeman, Don. The politics of moral practice in psychotherapy and religious healing
  Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja, 1929-. What did Bernier actually say? Profiling the Mughal empire
  Uberoi, Patricia
  Uberoi, Patricia. The diaspora comes home: Disciplining desire in DDLJ
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