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Title Islam : critical concepts in sociology v.1 : Islam as religion and law / edited by Bryan S. Turner.
Author Turner, Bryan S
Published New York : Routledge, 2002
Detail xxiii, 383 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Ahmed, Manzooruddin. Classical muslim state
  Al-Attas, S.Muhammad Naqib. Islam: the concept of religion and the foundation of ethics and morality
  Al-Faruqi, Ismail Raji. Principle of ethics
  Arkoun, Muhammad. Religion and society: the example of islam
  Hodgson, Marshall G.S. Comparison of islam and Christianity as frame-work for religious life
  Hodgson, Marshall G.S. Islam and image
  Husain, Athar. Personal life, traits and practices of the prophet
  Kurdi, A.Abdulkadir. Concepts of peace and war in islam
  Nazr, Syed Hossein. Quran, the word of god,the source of knowledge and action
  Nazr, Syed Hossein. Spiritual states in sufism
  Nyazee, Imran Ahsan Khan. Law as the hukm of allah
  Rahman, Fazlur. Eschatology
  Rahman, Fazlur. Quran
  Rahman, Fazlur. Quranic concept of god,the universe and man
  Rahman, Fazlur. Status of the individual in islam
  Shariati, Ali. Ideology
  Shariati, Ali. Man and islam
  Siddiqi, Zubayr M. Hadith its importance, origin and development
  Turner, Bryan S
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