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Title "Race" panic and the memory of migration / edited by Meaghan Morris and Brett de Bary ; translators, Bernard Prusak ... [et al.].
Published Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press ;Banbury : Drake, 2001
Detail 432 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Morris, Meaghan
  De Bary, Brett
  Ang, Ien. Trapped in Ambivalence: Chinese Indonesians, Victimhood, and the Debris of History
  Koschmann, Victor. Response to Ien Ang: "Trapped in Ambivalence ..."
  Chow, Rey. The Secrets of Ethnic Abjection
  Gibbons, Luke. Guests of the Nation: Ireland, Immigration, and Post-Colonial Solidarity
  Boutang, Yann Moulier. Between the Hatred of All Walls and the Walls of Hate: The Minoritarian Diagonal of Mobility
  Ping, Huang. Recent Trends in Peasant Out-Migrations in Contemporary China
  Yeong-hae, Jung. The Politics of Gender and Nation Rebuilding
  Morris-Suzuki, Tessa. "Welcome to Our Family"
  Takeshi, Komagome. Japanese Colonial Rule and Modernity: Successive Layers of Violence
  Seong-nae, Kim. Sexual Politics of State Violence: On the Cheju April Third Massacre of 1948
  Armijo, Jacqueline. Narratives Engendering Survival: How the Muslims of Southwest China Remember the Massacres of 1873
  Hage, Ghassan. Polluting Memories: Migration and Colonial Responsibility in Australia
  Masaki, Sakiyama. Response to Ghassan Hage: A Few Fragments
  Mikako, Tomotari. Nibutani Project: A Sculpture Addressing the Issue of the Ainu People and the Nibutani Dam
  Yoshitaka, Mori. Commentary on Nibutani Project
  Mari, Oka. Words of the Other
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