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Title Cultural theory and popular culture : a reader / edited and introduced by John Storey.
Published Athens : University of Georgia Press, c1998
Edition 2nd ed
Detail xviii, 646 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Storey, John, 1950-
  Arnold, Matthew. Culture and Anarchy
  Leavis, F. R.. Mass Civilisation and Minority Culture
  Macdonald, Dwight. A Theory of Mass Culture
  Hoggart, Richard. The Full Rich Life & The Newer Mass Art: Sex in Shiny Packets
  Williams, Raymond. The Analysis of Culture
  Thompson, E. P. Preface from The Making of the English Working Class
  Hall, Stuart. The Young Audience
  Whannel, Paddy. The Young Audience
  Jones, Gareth Stedman. Working-Class Culture and Working-Class Politics in London, 1870-1900: Notes on the Remaking of a Working Class
  Gilroy, Paul. 'Get up, get into it and get involved' - Soul, Civil Rights and Black Power
  Freud, Sigmund. The Dream-Work
  Barthes, Roland. Myth Today
  Wright, Will. The Structure of Myth & The Structure of the Western Film
  Macherey, Pierre. Jules Verne: The Faulty Narrative
  Althusser, Louis. Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses
  Foucault, Michel. Method
  Weedon, Chris. Feminism & The Principles of Poststructuralism
  Marx, Karl. Ruling Class and Ruling Ideas
  Engels, Frederick. Ruling Class and Ruling Ideas
  Marx, Karl. Base and Superstructure
  Engels, Frederick. Letter to Joseph Bloch
  Adorno, Theodor W., 1903-1969. On Popular Music
  Gramsci, Antonio. Hegemony, Intellectuals and the State
  Bennett, Tony. Popular Culture and the 'turn to Gramsci'
  Storey, John. Rockin' Hegemony: West Coast Rock and Amerika's War in Vietnam
  Gledhill, Christine. Pleasurable Negotiations
  Bakhtin, Mikhail. Carnival and Carnivalesque
  Ang, Ien. Dallas and the Ideology of Mass Culture
  Rakow, Lana F. Feminist Approaches to Popular Culture: Giving Patriarchy its Due
  Radway, Janice. Reading Reading the Romance
  Bobo, Jacqueline. The Color Purple: Black Women as Cultural Readers
  Geraghty, Christine. Soap Opera and Utopia
  Tasker, Yvonne. Feminist Crime Writing: The Politics of Genre
  Shiach, Morag. Feminism and Popular Culture
  Baudrillard, Jean. The Precession of Simulacra
  Creed, Barbara. From Here to Modernity: Feminism and Postmodernism
  Morris, Meaghan. Feminism, Reading, Postmodernism
  Hebdige, Dick. Postmodernism and 'The Other Side'
  West, Cornel. Black Postmodernist Practices
  Stephanson, Anders. Black Postmodernist Practices
  Wilson, Elizabeth. Fashion and Postmodernism
  Goodwin, Andrew. Popular Music and Postmodern Theory
  Hooks, Bell. Postmodern Blackness
  Bourdieu, Pierre. Distinction & The Aristocracy of Culture
  Hall, Stuart. Notes on Deconstructing 'the Popular'
  DiMaggio, Paul. Cultural Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century Boston: The Creation of an Organizational Base for High Culture in America
  Lovell, Terry. Cultural Production
  Certeau, Michel de. The Practice of Everyday Life
  Schudson, Michael. The New Validation of Popular Culture: Sense and Sentimentality in Academia
  Fiske, John. The Popular Economy
  Ang, Ien. Feminist Desire and Female Pleasure
  Gripsrud, Jostein. 'High Culture' Revisited
  Willis, Paul. Symbolic Creativity
  Webster, Duncan. Pessimism, Optimism, Pleasure: The Future of Cultural Studies
  Frith, Simon. The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent: Defending Popular Culture from the Populists
  McGuigan, Jim. Trajectories of Cultural Populism
  Garnham, Nicholas. Political Economy and Cultural Studies: Reconciliation or Divorce?
  Grossberg, Lawrence. Cultural Studies vs. Political Economy: Is Anybody Else Bored with this Debate?
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