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Title The anthropologists' cookbook / edited by Jessica Kuper ; illustrations by Joan Koster.
Published London ;New York : Kegan Paul International : Distributed by John Wiley, 1997
Detail xiv, 248 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Kuper, Jessica
  Pitt-Rivers, Julian. Le Stockfish
  Sass, Lorna J. Serve it Forth: Food and Feasting in Late Medieval England
  Koster, Joan Bouza. From the Flocks of Greece: Galopita (Milk Pie)
  Forbes, Mari H. Clark. From the Fields of Greece: Hortopita (Wild Greens Pie)
  Kenna, Margaret. Melitera: Greek Island Cheese-Cakes
  Freeman, Susan Tax. Spanish Pig Preserved: the Olla and the Ham
  Jackson, Anthony. Faroese Fare
  Hammel, Eugene. Bosnian Coffee
  Moyer, David S. Leiden Hutspot: The First Food after the Siege
  Leach, Marianne. Meydiha's Kisir: a Wheat Dish from Southern Turkey
  Rykwert, Joseph. On Strata in the Kitchen, or the Archaeology of Tasting
  Shack, William. Cooking in the Garden of Ensete
  Shack, Dorothy. Cooking in the Garden of Ensete
  Bascom, William. Some Yoruba Ways with Yams
  Brain, Robert. Cameroon Koki: a Bean Pudding from Bangwa
  Bohannan, Laura. Adaptation of Tiv Sesame Chicken
  Goody, Esther. Ghanaian Groundnut Stew
  Cohen, Gay. Groundnut Stew from Sierra Leone
  Brydon, Lynn. Snacks and Stew from Ghana
  MacCormack, Corol P. Sauce from Sierra Leone
  Karp, Ivan. Social Aspects of Iteso Cookery
  Karp, Patricia. Social Aspects of Iteso Cookery
  Sharman, Anne. Food and Recipes in Padhola
  Ramiaramana, Bakoly Domenichine. Malagasy Cooking
  Meyers, Allan R. Two Recipes from Southern Morocco
  Meyers, Anne R. Two Recipes from Southern Morocco
  Patterson, Sheila. Tasty Little Dishes of the Cape
  Hunt, Eva. Mexican Fish for Easter
  Gudeman, Stephen. Rice and Old Clothes
  Gudeman, Roxane. Rice and Old Clothes
  Hammel, Eugene. Peruvian Cebiche
  Kopytoff, Barbara Klamon. Maroon Jerk Pork and other Jamaican Cooking
  Dick, Annette. Songhees Salmon: the Dick Family Recipes
  Dick, Thelma. Songhees Salmon: the Dick Family Recipes
  De Laguna, Frederica. Fish Chowder with the Chugach Eskimos
  Hugh-Jones, Stephen. Amazonian Smoked Fish and Meat - a technique from the Barasana Indians of the Vaupes region of Colombia
  Monod-Becquelin, Aurore. Three Recipes from the Trumai Indians
  Fox, Robin. Green Chili Stew of the South West
  Holmberg, Allan R. Cooking and Eating among the Siriono of Bolivia
  Kugelmass, Jack. New York City's most Jewish Restaurant: The Food, Its Meaning, and the Secret Language of the Jews
  Dournes, Jacques. Time and Menu
  Davidson, Alan. Fish in Laos
  Lindell, Kristina. Kammu Dishes
  Tayanin, Domrong. Kammu Dishes
  Hubert-Schoumann, Annette. Food with the Yao
  Firth, Rosemary. Cooking in a Kelantan Fishing Village, Malaya
  Gerdin, Ingela. Foods of Bali
  McGilvray, Dennis. Pukkai
  Ishige, Naomichi. Oyakodonburi from Japan
  Mascarenhas-Keyes, Stella. Catholic Goan Food
  O'Connor, Kaori. Kapu and Noa: Food and Eating in Old Hawai'i
  Ishige, Naomichi. Roasting Dog (or a Substitute) in an Earth Oven: an Unusual method of Preparation from Ponape
  Sillitoe, Paul. Earth Oven: an Alternative to the Barbeque from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
  White, Isobel. Natives Live Well
  Levi-Strauss, Claude. Roast and the Boiled
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