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Title Museum studies : an anthology of contexts / edited by Bettina Messias Carbonell.
Published Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2004
Detail xxxiii, 640 p. ; 25 cm
Added Author Carbonell, Bettina Messias
  Carbonell, Bettina Messias. Introduction: Museum/Studies and the "Eccentric Space" of an Anthology
  Bazin, Germain. 1 From The Museum Age: Foreword
  Findlen, Paula. The Museum: Its Classical Etymology
  Genealogy , Renaissance. The Museum: Its Classical Etymology
  Wallach, Alan . The Universal Survey Museum
  Duncan, Carol. The Universal Survey Museum
  Preziosi, Donald. Brain of the Earth's Body: Museums and the Framing of Modernity
  Hudson, Kenneth. The Museum Refuses to Stand Still
  Lionnet, Francoise. The Mirror and the Tomb: Africa, Museums, and Memory
  Porter, Gaby. Seeing Through Solidity: A Feminist Perspective on Museums
  Duffy, Terence M. Museums of "Human Suffering" and the Struggle for Human Rights
  Friman, Alice. At The Holocaust Museum
  Peale, Charles Willson. To the Citizens of the United States of America
  Agassiz, Louis. Letter of 1863 to Mr. Thomas G. Cary
  Goldwater, Robert. The Development of Ethnological Museums
  Boas, Franz, 1858-1942. Museums of Ethnology and Their Classification
  Looby, Christopher. The Constitution of Nature: Taxonomy as Politics in Jefferson, Peale, and Bartram
  Hinsley Jr, Curtis M. "Magnificent Intentions": Washington, D.C., and American Anthropology in 1846
  Grognet, Fabrice. Ethnology: A Science on Display
  Schildkrout, Enid. Ambiguous Messages and Ironic Twists: Into the Heart of Africa and The Other Museu
  Bouquet, Mary. Thinking and Doing Otherwise: Anthropological Theory in Exhibitionary Practice
  Prakash, Gyan. Museum Matters
  Hurston, Zora Neale. What White Publishers Won't Print
  Robinson, J. C. From On the Museum of Art: An Address
  Coombes, Annie E. Museums and the Formation of National and Cultural Identities
  Heartney, Eleanor. Fracturing the Imperial Mind
  Balfour, Henry. Presidential Address to the Museums Association, Maidstone Meeting, 1909
  Bailkin, Jordanna. Picturing Feminism, Selling Liberalism: The Case of the Disappearing Holbein
  N. Kaufman,Edward N. The Architectural Museum from World's Fair to Restoration Village
  Atterbury, Grosvenor.ForestRobert W. de. Addresses on the Occasion of the Opening of the American Wing, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  Root, Elihu. ForestRobert W. de. Addresses on the Occasion of the Opening of the American Wing, The MetropolitanMuseum of Art
  ForestRobert W. de. Addresses on the Occasion of the Opening of the American Wing, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  Broun, Broun. Telling the Story of America
  Kennedy, Roger G. Some Thoughts about National Museums at the End of the Century
  Fenton, James. The Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford
  Flower, William Henry . Local Museum
  Crane, Susan A. Memory, Distortion, and History in the Museum
  Schlereth, Thomas J. Collecting Ideas and Artifacts: Common Problems of History Museums and History Texts
  Kavanagh, Gaynor. Melodrama, Pantomime or Portrayal? Representing Ourselves and the British Past through Exhibitions in History Museums
  Gorgas, Monica Risnicoff de. Reality as Illusion, the Historic Houses that Become Museums
  Leone, Mark P. Artifacts as Expressions of Society and Culture: Subversive Genealogy and the Value of History
  Little, Barbara J. Leone, Mark P.Artifacts as Expressions of Society and Culture: Subversive Genealogy and the Value of History
  Deetz , James. A Sense of Another World: History Museums and Cultural Change
  Corrin, Lisa G. Mining the Museum: Artists Look at Museums, Museums Look at Themselves
  Corbusier, Le. Other Icons: The Museums
  Dana, John Cotton. The Museum as an Art Patron
  Gilman, Benjamin Ives. Aims and Principles of the Construction and Management of Museums of Fine Art
  Bataille, Georges. Museum
  Bourdieu, Pierre. Conclusion to The Love of Ar
  Darbel, Alain. Conclusion to The Love of Art
  Schnapper, Dominique. Conclusion to The Love of Art
  Fisher, Philip. Art and the Future's Past
  McLeod, Malcolm. Museums Without Collections: Museum Philosophy in West Africa
  DiMaggio, Paul. Cultural Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-century Boston, Part II: The Classification and Framing of American Art
  Wolff, Janet. Women at the Whitney, 1910-30: Feminism/Sociology/Aesthetics
  Berger, Maurice. Zero Gravity
  McShine, Kynaston. From The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect: Introduction
  Davalos, Karen Mary. Exhibiting Mestizaje: The Poetics and Experience of the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum
  Greenblatt, Stephen. Resonance and Wonder
  Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean. Changing Values in the Art Museum: Rethinking Communication and Learning
  Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara. Secrets of Encounter
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