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Title Ethnonationalism in the contemporary world : Walker Connor and the study of nationalism / edited by Daniele Conversi.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2004
Detail xvi, 302 p. ; 25 cm
Added Author Conversi, Daniele
  Conversi, Daniele. Conceptualizing nationalism: an introduction to Walker Connor's work
  Conner, Walker. Nationalism and political illegitimacy
  Smith, Anthony D. Dating the nation
  Horowitz, Donald L. Primordialists
  Fishman, Joshua A. Primordialist-constructivist debate today: the language-ethnicity link in academic and in everyday-life perspective
  Douglass, William A. Sabino's sin: racism and the founding of Basque nationalism
  Stone, John. Ethnonationalism in black and white: scholars and the South African revolution
  Edwards, John. Sovereignty or separation? Contemporary political discourse in Canada
  O'Leary, Brendan. Federations and the management of nations: agreements and arguments with Walker Connor and Ernest Gellner
  Coakley, John. Religion and nationalism in the First World
  Safran, William. Ethnic conflict and third-party mediation: a critical review
  Kaiser, Robert J. Homeland making and the territorialization of national identity
  Spira, Thomas. Ethnicity and nationality: the twin matrices of nationalism
  Conversi, Daniele. Resisting primordialism and other -isms: in lieu of conclusions
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