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Title The making of anthropology in East and Southeast Asia / edited by Shinji Yamashita, Joseph Bosco, and J.S. Eades.
Published New York : Berghahn Books, 2004
Detail x, 374 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Yamashita, Shinji. Asian Anthropologies : Foreign, Native and Indigenous
  Bosco, Joseph, 1957-
  Eades, J. S. (Jeremy Seymour), 1945-
  Kuwayama, Takami. Thw "World-System" of Anthropology : Japan and Asia in the Global Community of Anthropologists
  Askew, David. Debeting the "Japanese" Race in Meiji Japan : Towards a History of Early Japanese Anthropology
  Yamashita, Shinji. Constructing Selves and Others in Japanese Anthropology : The Case of Micronesia and Southeast Asian Studies
  Mathews, Gordon. On the Tension Between Japanese and American Anthropological Depictions of Japan
  Cheung, Sidney C.H. Japanese Anthropology and Depictions of the Ainu
  Xin, Liu. Past and Present : Two Moments in the History of Chinese Anthropology
  Zhuang, Kongshao. Anthropology and the Progress of Chinese Education : Cultural Continuity, Cultural Comparison, and the Role of Scholars
  Wu, David Y.H. Chinese National Dance and the Discourse of Nativization in Chinese Anthropology
  Bosco, Joseph. Local Theories and Sinicization in the Anthropology of Taiwan
  Kim, Kwang-Ok. The Making and Indigenization of Anthropology in Korea
  Shamsul, A.B. Anthropology, Identity, and Nation Formation in Malaysia
  Tan, Chee-Beng. Anthropology and Indigenization in a Southeast Asian State : Malaysia
  Magos, Alicia P. Towards Indigenization : Responses, Challenges and experiences in the Philippines
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