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Title Debates and developments in ethnographic methodology / edited by Geoffrey Walford.
Published Amsterdam ;Boston ;London : JAI, 2002
Detail vii, 216 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Walford, Geoffrey. Debates and Developments : Introduction
  Hammersley, Martyn. Ethnography and the Disputes over Validity
  Vogt, Franziska. No Ethnography without Comparison: The Methodological Significance of Comparison in Ethnographic Research
  O'Toole, Gill. Ways of Knowing: Knowing the Way(s)? Reflections on Doing Feminist Fieldwork with Mature Students
  Lappalainen, Sirpa. As a Researcher between Children and Teachers
  Soenen, Ruth. Diversity as a Perspective for Ethnography: From a "Critical" Child to an Ethnographer with Little Patience
  Walford, Geoffrey. Why don't Researchers Name Their Research Sites?
  Gordon, Tuula. "Making Spaces" - Researching Citizenship and Difference in Schools
  Silva, Ruth. Doing Electronic Educational Ethnography: Issues of Interpretive Quality and Legitimacy in Virtual Reality
  Melhuus, E. Cathrine. From Fieldnotes to Research Texts: Making Actions Meaningful in a Research Context
  Beach, Dennis. The Deceptive Imagination and Ethnographic Writing
  Rath, Jean. (Hyper)Text, Analysis and Method: Notes on the Construction of an Ethnographic Hypermedia Environment: Stories of Rape Crisis Counsellor Training
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