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Title Empire's new clothes : reading Hardt and Negri / edited by Paul A. Passavant and Jodi Dean.
Published New York : Routledge, 2004
Detail vii, 344 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Passavant, Paul A. (Paul Andrew). Postmodern Republicanism : Introduction
  Laclau, Ernesto. Can Immanence Explain Social Struggles?
  Fitzpatrick, Peter. The Immanence of Empire
  Maurer, Bill. On Divine Markets and the Problem of Justice: Empire as Theodicy
  Buchanan, Ruth. Legal Imperialism: Empire's Invisible Hand?
  Passavant, Paul A. From Empire's Law to the Multitude's Rights: Law, Representation, Revolution
  Laffey, Mark. Representing the International: Sovereignty after Modernity?
  Dunn, Kevin C. Africa's Ambiguous Relation to Empire and Empire
  Sassen, Saskia. The Repositioning of Citizenship: Emergent Subjects and Spaces for Politics
  Chaloupka, William. The Irrepressible Lightness and Joy of Being Green: Empire and Environmentalism
  Bull, Malcolm. Smooth Politics
  Quinby, Lee. Taking the Millennialist Pulse of Empire's Multitude: A Genealogical Feminist Diagnosis
  Zizek, Slavoj. The Ideology of the Empire and Its Traps
  Dean, Jodi. The Networked Empire: Communicative Capitalism and the Hope for Politics
  Shapiro, Kam. The Myth of the Multitude
  Passavant, Paul A. Representation and the Event
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