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Title Auto-ethnographies : the anthropology of academic practices / edited by Anne Meneley and Donna J. Young.
Published Peterborough, Ont. ;Orchard Park, NY : Broadview Press, c2005
Detail viii, 255 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Meneley, Anne
  Young, Donna Jean, 1956-
  McMurray, David A. Censorship, surveillance, and Middle East studies in the contemporary United States
  Graeber, David. The auto-ethnography that can never be and the activist's ethnography that might be
  Young, Donna J. Writing against the native point of view
  Gibb, Camilla. An anthropologist undone
  Lambek, Michael. Afterword : our subjects/ourselves : a view from the back seat
  Young, Donna J. auto-ethnographies of academic practices
  Sylvain, Renee. Loyalty and treachery in the Kalahari
  Gotlib, Lesley. Doctors with borders
  Cummings, Maggie. Who wears the trousers in Vanuatu?
  Bocking, Stephen. Gatekeeper or helpful counsel? : practices and perceptions in academic peer review
  Harrison, Julia. Teaching and learning across borders
  Barber, Pauline Gardiner. Ethnography's edge in development
  Solway, Jacqueline. Anthropologist and accomplice in Botswana
  Sanders, Todd. The torso in the Thames : imagining darkest Africa in the United Kingdom
  Swedenburg, Ted. White devil as expert witness
  Urciuoli, Bonnie. Team diversity : an ethnography of institutional values
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