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Title Music, popular culture, identities / edited by Richard Young.
Published Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2002
Detail 360 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Young, Richard A., Ph. D
  Anselmi, William. From cantautori to posse: Sociopolitical Discourse, Engagement and Antagonism in the Italian Music Scene from the 60s to the 90s
  Chamberlain, Daniel F. El corrido: Identity, Narrative, and Central Frontiers
  Chasteen, John Charles. A National Rhythm: Social Dance and Elite Identity in Nineteenth-Century Havana
  Tandt, Catherine Den. Globalization and Identity: The Discourse of Popular Music in the Caribbean
  Forman, Murray. "Keeping it Real"?: African Youth Identities, and Hip Hop
  Kahn-Harris, Keith. "I hate this fucking country": Dealing with the Global and the Local in the Israeli Extreme Metal Scene
  Klumpenhouwer, Henry. The Idiocy of Rural Life: Boerenrock, the Rural Debate and the Uses of Identity
  Krims, Adam. Rap, Race, the "Local," and Urban Geography in Amsterdam
  Lang, George. Cannibalizing Bossa Nova
  Levy, Claire. Who is the "Other" in the Balkans? Local Ethnic Music as a Different Source of Identities in Bulgaria
  McNee, Lisa. Back From Babylon: Popular Musical Cultures of the Diaspora, Youth Culture and Identity in Francophone West Africa
  Naficy, Hamid. Identity Politics and Iranian Exile Music Videos
  Nair, Parvati. Vocal In-roads: Flamenco, Orality and Postmodernity in Las 3000 Viviendas, Viejo Patio (Dulcimer and EMI, 1999)
  Rangil, Viviana. Selena: Two Complementary Cinematographic Interpretations
  Titlestad, Michael Frank. "The artist gathers the bones": The Shamanic Poetics of Jazz Discourse
  Viljoen, Stella. En Route to the Rainbow Nation: South African Voices of Resistance
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