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Title Popular culture theory and methodology : a basic introduction / edited by Harold E. Hinds, Jr., Marilyn F. Motz, Angela Nelson.
Published Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press/Popular Press, c2006
Detail 412 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Hinds, Harold E
  Motz, Marilyn Ferris, 1951-
  Nelson, Angela M. S., 1964-
  Macdonald, Dwight. Masscult & midcult
  Browne, Ray B. Popular culture : notes toward a definition
  Nye, Russel B. Notes for an introduction to a discussion of popular culture
  Burke, Peter. Revolution in popular culture
  Schroeder, Fred E. H. The discovery of popular culture before printing
  Lally, Tim. D.P. Synchronic vs diachronic popular culture studies and the Old English elegy
  Harmon, Gary L. On the nature and functions of popular culture
  Browne, Ray B. Popular culture as the new humanities
  Schudson, Michael. The new validation of popular culture : sense and sentimentality in academia
  Huntington, John. Rationalizing genius : ideological strategies in the classic American science fiction short story
  Fiske, John. Understanding popular culture
  Sarchett, Barry W. The joke(r) is on us : the end of popular culture studies
  Mintz, Lawrence E. Notes toward a methodology of popular culture study
  Hinds, Harold E. A holistic approach to the study of popular culture : context, text, audience, and recoding
  Cawelti, John G. The concept of formula in the study of popular literature
  Feldmanม David N. Formalism and popular culture
  Nord, David Paul. An economic perspective on formula in popular culture
  Rollin, Roger B. Against evaluation : the role of the critic of popular culture
  Lawrence, John Shelton. A critical analysis of Roger B. Rollin's "against evaluation"
  Rollin, Roger B. Son of "against evaluation" : a reply to John Shelton Lawrence
  Cawelti, John G. With the benefit of hindsight : popular culture criticism
  Ash, Dan. New experimental aesthetics and popular culture
  Narvaez, Peter. The folklore-popular culture continuum
  Schechter, Harold. The bosom serpent
  Smith, Paul. Contemporary legends and popular culture : "it's the real thing"
  Bird, S. Elizabeth. Cultural studies as confluence : the convergence of folklore and media studies
  Hinds, Harold E. Popularity : the Sine Qua Non of popular culture
  Hinds, Harold E. Popularity : how to make a key concept count in building a theory of popular culture
  Becker, Ling Chan. The development and stages of popular culture : a case study of Tokugawa and Meiji Japan
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