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Title Anthropologists in the public sphere : speaking out on war, peace, and American power / edited by Roberto J. Gonzalez.
Published Austin : University of Texas Press, 2004
Detail xii, 288 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Gonzalez, Roberto J. (Roberto Jesus), 1969-
  Boas, Franz, 1858-1942 Scientists as Spies
  Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978. Warfare Is Only an Invention - Not a Biological Necessity
  Berreman, Gerald D. "Contemporary Anthropology and Moral Accountability
  Nader, Laura. Two Plus Two Equals Zero - War and Peace Reconsidered
  Manz, Beatriz. Dollars That Forge Guatemalan Chains
  Price, David. Anthropologists as Spies
  Bourdieu, Pierre. Abuse of Power by the Advocates of Reason
  Sahlins, Marshall. Once You've Broken Him Down
  Hayden, Robert M. West Must Correct Its Mistakes in Yugoslavia
  Hayden, Robert M. NATO Fuels the Balkan Fire
  Simons, Anna. No Exit from Somalia
  Simons, Anna. Our Abysmal Ignorance about Somalia
  Simons, Anna. The Somalia Trap
  Tate, Winifred. Increased U.S. Military Aid to Colombia Won't Curb Drug Trafficking
  Tate, Winifred. Colombia: Rules of the Game
  Gill, Lesley. Unveiling U.S. Policy in Colombia
  Edelman, Marc. The Price of Free Trade: Famine
  Qleibo, Ali. How Two Truths Make One Tragedy
  Halper, Jeff. The Matrix of Control
  Halper, Jeff. After the Invasion: Now What?
  Gusterson, Hugh. If U.S. Dumps Test Ban Treaty, China Will Rejoice
  Ghani, Ashraf. Cut Off the Arms Flow and Let Afghans Unite
  Merryman, James. U.S. Can Strengthen African Ties in Wake of Terrorism with Aid, Clear Policies
  Fernea, Robert. Egyptians Don't Like Saddam, But
  Aziz, Barbara Nimri. Gravesites-Environmental Ruin in Iraq / Barbara Nimri Aziz 133
  Guindi, Fadwa El. U.N. Should Act to Protect Muslim Women
  Shorish-Shamley, Zieba. Women under the Taliban
  Beeman, William O. Our Government's Fault
  Lutz, Catherine. Our Legacy of War
  Harvey, David. Local Horror/Global Response / David Harvey, Talal Asad, Cindi Katz, Neil Smith, Ida Susser 156
  Asad, Talal. Local Horror/Global Response
  Katz, Cindi. Local Horror/Global Response
  Smith, Neil. Local Horror/Global Response
  Susser, Ida. Local Horror/Global Response
  Beeman, William O. A War Our Great-Grandchildren Will Be Fighting - Understanding Osama Bin Laden
  McIntosh, Janet. What Have the 9/11 Investigators Overlooked?
  Davis, Wade. We Need a Global Declaration of Interdependence
  Canfield, Robert. Nation Is Home to Afghans, Mujahedeen, Taliban, Afghan-Arabs, to Name a Few
  Ghani, Ashraf. The Folly of Quick Action in Afghanistan
  Shahrani, Nazif. Afghanistan Can Learn from its Past
  Goodman, Amy. Women in the New Afghanistan
  Shorish-Shamley, Zieba. Women in the New Afghanistan
  Miakhel, Shahmahmood Enlisting Afghan Aid
  Edwards, David B. Enlisting Afghan Aid
  Ali, Kamran Asdar. Pakistan's Dilemma
  Mereu, Francesca. War Destroyed Chechnya's Clan Structure
  Arutyunov, Sergei. War Destroyed Chechnya's Clan Structure
  Chesnov, Ian. War Destroyed Chechnya's Clan Structure
  Beeman, William O. U.S. Anti-Terrorist Message Won't Fly in Islamic World
  Price, David. Terror and Indigenous Peoples: War without End
  Burdick, John. Afghan War Could Be Recruiting Tool for Terrorists
  Eickelman, Dale F. First, Know the Enemy, Then Act
  Burdick, John. Sept. 11 Exposes Futile Search for 'Perfect' Missile Defense
  Gonzalez, Roberto J. Ignorance Is Not Bliss
  Mamdani, Mahmood. Turn Off Your Tunnel Vision
  Shaikh, Nermeen. The Roots of Muslim Separatism in the Philippines
  McKenna, Thomas. The Roots of Muslim Separatism in the Philippines
  Gonzalez, Roberto J. Lynne Cheney-Joe Lieberman Group Puts Out a Blacklist
  Price, David. Academia under Attack: Sketches for a New Blacklist
  Basco, Sharon. Lynne Cheney's Free Speech Blacklist
  Gusterson, Hugh. Lynne Cheney's Free Speech Blacklist
  Nader, Laura. Harmony Coerced Is Freedom Denied
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