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Title Hunting for sustainability in tropical forests / John G. Robinson and Elizabeth L. Bennett, editors.
Published New York : Columbia University Press, c2000
Detail xxi, 582 p. : ill., maps ; 27 cm
Added Author Alvard, Michael. The Impact of Traditional Subsistence Hunting and Trapping on Prey Populations: Data from Wana Horticulturalists of Upland Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
  Auzel, Philippe. Wildlife Use in Northern Congo: Hunting in a Commercial Logging Concession
  Bennett, Elizabeth L
  Bennett, Elizabeth L. Hunting for Sustainability: The Start of a Synthesis
  Bennett, Elizabeth L. Hunting for the Snark
  Bennett, Elizabeth L. Saving Borneo's Bacon: The Sustainability of Hunting in Sarawak and Sabah
  Bodmer, Richard. Community-Based Comanagement of Wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon
  Clayton, Lynn. The Trade in Wildlife in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  Eves, Heather E. Socioeconomics and the Sustainability of Hunting in the Forests of Northern Congo (Brazzaville)
  Fa, John E. Hunted Animals in Bioko Island, West Africa: Sustainability and Future
  Fimbel, Cheryl. Enhancing the Sustainability of Duiker Hunting Through Community Participation and Controlled Access in the Lobeke Region of Southeastern Cameroon
  Fitzgibbon, Clare D. Threatened Mammals, Subsistence Harvesting, and High Human Population Densities: A Recipe for Disaster?
  Griffin, P. Bion. Agta Hunting and Sustainability of Resource Use in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines
  Hart, John A. Impact and Sustainability of Indigenous Hunting in the Ituri Forest, Congo-Zaire: A Comparison of Unhunted and Hunted Duiker Populations
  Hill, Kim. Sustainability of Ache Hunting in the Mbaracayu Reserve, Paraguay
  Jorgenson, Jeffrey P. Wildlife Conservation and Game Harvest by Maya Hunters in Quintana Roo, Mexico
  Lee, Rob J. Impact of Subsistence Hunting in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and Conservation Options
  Leeuwenberg, Frans J. Traditional Management of Hunting in a Xavante Community in Central Brazil: The Search for Sustainability
  Madhusudan, M. D. Hunting for an Answer: Is Local Hunting Compatible with Large Mammal Conservation in India?
  Noss, Andrew. Cable Snares and Nets in the Central African Republic
  O'Brien, Timothy G. Differential Vulnerability of Large Birds and Mammals to Hunting in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the Outlook for the Future
  Peres, Carlos A. Evaluating the Impact and Sustainability of Subsistence Hunting at Multiple Amazonian Forest Sites
  Robinson, John G
  Robinson, John G. Calculating Maximum Sustainable Harvests and Percentage Offtakes
  Robinson, John G. Carrying Capacity Limits to Sustainable Hunting in Tropical Forests
  Stearman, Allyn MacLean. A Pound of Flesh: Social Change and Modernization as Factors in Hunting Sustainability Among Neotropical Indigenous Societies
  Townsend, Wendy R. The Sustainability of Subsistence Hunting by the Siriono Indians of Bolivia
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