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Title The Undercut reader : critical writings on artists' film and video / edited by Nina Danino and Michael Mazi่re.
Published London ;New York : Wallflower, 2003
Detail ix, 277 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Danino, Nina
  Mazi่re, Michael
  Schwabsky, Barry. Art, film, video: separation or synthesis?
  Maziere, Michael. The solitude of a system
  Danino, Nina. The intense subject
  O'pray, Michael. Undercut and theory
  Knight, Julia. Materials, materials, materials: questions of technology and history
  Grice, Malcolm Le. Problematising the spectator placement in film
  Paley, Maureen. Photo quiz
  O'pray, Michael. Modernism, phantasy and avant-garde film
  Rodowick, David. Politics, theory and the avant-garde
  Kennard, Peter. Photomontage/text
  Milner, Peter. The London film-makers' co-op: the politics of license?
  Maziere, Michael. Towards a specific practice
  Evans, Cerith Wyn. Untitled
  Cartwright, Lisa. On representation and sexual division: An interview with Christine Delphy
  Wallace, Paul. Media production in higher education: The problem of theory and practice
  Finch, David. A third something: montage, film and poetry
  Swanson, Gillian. 'Messages': a film by Guy Sherwin
  Walkin, Janey. Interview with Anne Rees-Mogg
  Keiller, Patrick. The poetic experience of townscape and landscape and some ways of depicting it
  Giles, Tom. 'Shadow of a journey'
  Wollen, Peter. After seeing 'shadow of a journey'
  Matthee, Jean. On wounds, artificial flowers, orifices and the infinite: a response to the films of Nina Danino
  Nicolson, Annabel. In the dark
  Parker, Jayne. Landscape in 'i dish'
  Gidal, Peter. '13 most beautiful women' and 'kitchen'
  Maziere, Michael. John Smith's film: reading the visible
  Mahr, Mari. A few days in Geneva
  Maziere, Michael. 'Mother desire'
  Krikorian, Tamara. 'On the mountain' and 'land maker': landscape and townscape in Margaret Tait's work
  Danino, Nina. On 'stonebridge park': a film by Patrick Keiller
  O'pray, Michael. William Raban's landscape films: The formalist imagination
  Kierman, Joanna. Reading 'light reading'
  Matthee, Jean. Descent of the seductress
  Danino, Nina. 'Almost out' by Jayne Parker
  Gidal, Peter. 'Metastasis' by the Aleinikov brothers, Moscow: A review
  Danino, Nina. The mother's garden
  O'pray, Michael. Interview with Chris Welsby
  Collins, Nick. Documentation in Sand
  Milne, Will. Sadness 'n' beauty
  Rouch, Jean. Culture and representation
  Gandhy, Behroze. Questions of language
  Mercer, Kobena. Sexual identities: questions of difference
  Auguiste, Reece. Aesthetic and politics: Working on two fronts?
  Hood, Stuart. A dialogue
  Swanson, Gillian. Interview with Sally Potter
  Stoneman, Rod. Among Godard's forms of thought
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