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Title Justice / edited by Milton Fisk.
Published Atlantic Highlands, NJ : Humanities Press, 1993
Detail x, 318 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Fisk, Milton
  Fisk, Milton. Introduction: The Problem of Justice p. 1
  Mill, John Stuart. On the Connection between Justice and Utility p. 10
  Marx, Karl. Critique of the Gotha Program p. 26
  Green, Thomas Hill. Rights and Justice p. 35
  Rawls, John. Justice as Fairness: Political Not Metaphysical p. 48
  Walzer, Michael. Membership and Justice p. 68
  Habermas, Jurgen. Justice and Solidarity p. 89
  Barker, Ernest. The Purpose of the State and the Idea of Justice p. 102
  Moore, Barrington. Inevitability and the Sense of Injustice p.118
  Dworkin, Ronald. Integrity p. 137
  Wood, Allen. The Marxian Critique of Justice p. 166
  Holmstrom, Nancy. Exploitation p. 179
  Warren, Paul. Why Marxists Should Still Be Interested in Exploitation p. 192
  Commoner, Barry. Population and Poverty p. 205
  Barry, Brian. Intergenerational Justice in Energy Policy p. 223
  Wilson, William Julius. Race-Specific Policies and the Truly Disadvantaged p. 240
  Boxill, Bernard. Black Progress and the Free Market p. 255
  Okin, Susan Moller. Justice as Fairness: For Whom? p. 277
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