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Title Contested terrains and constructed categories : contemporary Africa in focus / edited by George Clement Bond and Nigel C. Gibson.
Published Boulder, Colo. ;Oxford : Westview, 2002
Detail xxii, 474 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm
Added Author Bond, George C
  Gibson, Nigel C
  Bond, George Clement. Introduction: African Studies in Contention p. 1
  Mbodj, Mohamed. "So Geographers in Africa Maps with Savage Pictures Fill Their Gaps": Representing Africa on Maps p. 37
  Tiyambe, Paul. The Challenges of Writing African Economic History
  Schatz, Sayre P. Structural Adjustment p. 87
  Saasa, Oliver S. Poverty Profile in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Challenge of Addressing an Elusive Problem p. 105
  Markovitz, Irving Leonard. Civil Society, Pluralism, Goldilocks, and Other Fairy Tales in Africa p. 117
  Barchiesi, Franco. Beyond the State and Civil Society: Labor Movements and Economic Adjustment in African Transitions - South Africa and Nigeria Compared p. 145
  Crehan, Kate. Silencing Power: Mapping the Social Terrain in Post-Apartheid South Africa p. 173
  Ramsamy, Edward. Negotiating Identity in Post-Settlement South Africa: Ethnicity, Class, and Race in a Regional Frame p. 195
  Berry, Sara. Negotiable Property: Making Claims on Land and History in Asante, 1896-1996 p. 213
  Gibson, Nigel C. Mapping Africa's Presences: Merleau-Ponty, Mannoni, and the Malagasy Massacre of 1947 in Frantz Fanon's Black Skin White Masks p. 235
  Dhada, Mustafah. Contesting Terrains Over a Massacre: The Case of Wiriyamu p. 259
  Honwana, Alcinda. Negotiating Postwar Identities: Child Soldiers in Mozambique and Angola p. 277
  Jackson, Lynette. Sex and the Politics of Space in Colonial Zimbabwe: The Story of Chibheura (Open Your Legs) Exams p. 299
  Sharp, Lesley A. Girls, Sex, and the Dangers of Urban Schooling in Coastal Madagascar p. 321
  Bond, George Clement. The Moving Frontier of AIDS in Uganda: Contexts, Texts, and Concepts p. 345
  Turshen, Meredeth. Contested Claims and Individual Bodies p. 365
  Vincent, Joan. The Moving Frontier of AIDS in Uganda: Contexts, Texts, and Concepts p. 345
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