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Title Ethnic group of Thailand : a collected Article V.6.
Published [S.L : S.N., 1995?]
Detail p. : ill. ; 29 cm
Added Author Walker, Andrew. Agricultural Transformation and the Politics of Hydrology in Northern Thailand
  Hayami, Yoko. Karen tradition According to Christ or Buddha : The Implications of Multiple Reinterpretations for a Monority Ethnic Group in Thailand
  Yamamoti, Kumiko. Religion and Religious Change in a Hill Karen Community of Northwestern Chiang Mai Province
  Walker, Andrew. Karen economy and rural nostalgia in an age of uncertainty : reflections from Northern Thailand
  Nelson, Rupert R. The Karens of Burma and Thailand
  Leming, Michael R. The Karens People of Teemeagala
  Hamilton, James W. Effects of the Thai Market on Karen Life
  Kataoka, Tatsuki. The Formation of Ethnic and National Identity : a Case Study of the Lahu in Thailand
  Sombat Boonkamyeung. The Lahu Symbolic Universe and Reconstruction of Ethnic Identity
  Hanks, Lucien M. (Lucien Mason), 1910- The Lahushi Bakio : Birth of a New Tribe
  Yossakrai, Kanokrat. Akha power relations in Northern Thailand : identity, economics, and gender perspectives
  Kammerer, Cornelia Ann. Discarding the Basket : The Reinterpretation of Tradition by Akha Christians of Northern Thailand
  Anderson, Edward F. Ethnobotany of Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand : Midicinal Plants of Akha
  Tapp, Nicholas. Culture Across Borders-Hmong
  Symonds, Patricia V. From gendered past to gendered future : Hmong women negotiating gender inequity in Northern Thailand
  Lewis, Paul. Integrated Village Health Project Proposal for Lahus and Akhas in Thailand
  Lewis, Paul. Report on Lahu-Akha-Lisu Handicraft
  Lewis, Paul. Tribal Family Planning : Conversations in an Akha Village : Decision Making Regarding Tubal Ligation Among Akhas
  Lewis, Paul. Tribal Economic Development : Opium Addiction Among Akhas of Northern Thailand
  Lewis, Paul. Tribal Economic Report : The Economics of Opium Among Tribal People
  Lewis, Paul. Tribal Education : Indigenous Akha Education Part 1, Part 2
  Keyes, Charles F. Approaches to The Study of Indigenous Knowledge Systems : Som Preliminary Thoughts
  Nygren, Anja. Local Knowledge in the Environment-Development Discourse : From dichotomies to situated Knowledges
  Anderson, Benedict R. O'G. (Benedict Richard O'Gorman), 1936- The Rooster's Egg : Pioneering World Folklore in the Philippines
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