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Title Bayon : New perspectives / Editor : Joyce Clark ; Contributors : Ang Choulean, Olivier Cunin, Claude Jacques...[and other].
Published Bangkok, Thailand : River Books, 2007
Detail 403 p. : ill. col. ; 25 cm
Added Author Clark, Joyce
  Jacques, Claude. The historical development of khmer culture from the death of suryavarman II to the 16th century
  Schweyer, Anne-Valerie The confrontation of the khmers and chams in the bayon period
  Maxwell, TS. Religion at the time of jayavarman VII, The short incriptions of the bayon and contemporary temples
  Cunin, Olivier. The bayon: An crachaeological and architectural study
  Sharrock, Peter D. The mystery of the face towers
  Roveda, Vittorio. Reliefs of the bayon
  Choulean, Ang. In the beginning was the bayon
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