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Title Exhibiting cultures : the poetics and politics of museum display / edited by Ivan Karp and Steven D. Lavine.
Published Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press, c1991
Detail x, 468 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Karp, Ivan
  Lavine, Steven, 1947-
  Lavine, Steven D. Introduction : Museums and multiculturalism
  Karp, Ivan. Culture and representation
  Alpers, Svetlana. The museum as a way of seeing
  Baxandall, Michael. Exhibiting intention : Some preconditions of the visual display of culturally purposeful objects
  Greenblatt, Stephen. Resonance and wonder
  Yamaguchi, Masao. The poetics of exhibition in Japanese culture
  Goswamy, B.N. Another past, another context : Exhibiting Indian art abroad
  Lavine, Steven D. Art museums, national identity, and the status of minority cultures : The case of hispanic art in the united states
  Duncan, Carol. Art museums and the ritual of citizenship
  Livingston, Jane. The poetics and politics of hispanic art : A new perspective
  Beardsley, John. The poetics and politics of hispanic art : A new perspective
  Marzio, Peter C. Minorities and fine-arts museums in the United States
  Ybarra-Frausto, Tomas. The chicano movement/The movement of chicano art
  Lavine, Steven D. Museum Practices
  Crew, Spencfr R. Locating authenticity : Fragments of a dialogue
  Sims, James E. Locating authenticity : Fragments of a dialogue
  Gurian, Elaine Heumann. Nooding around with exhibition opportunities
  Vogel, Susan. Always true to the object, in our fashion
  Houlihan, Parrick T. The poetic image and native American art
  Clifford, James. Four northwest coast museums : Travel reflections
  Boon, James A. Why museums make me sad
  Bauman, Richard. The politics of participation in folk-life festivals
  Sawin, Patricia. The politics of participation in folk-life festivals
  Kurin, Richard. Cultural conservation through representation : Festival of India folk-life exhibitions ar the smithsonian institution
  Hinsley, Curtis M. The world as marketplace : Commodification of the exotic at the world's columbian exposition, Chicago, 1893
  Tanen, Ted M.G. Festivals and diplomacy
  Karp, Ivan. Other cultures in museum perspective
  Kirshenelatt-Gimblett, Barbara. Objects of ethnography
  Munjeri, Dawson. Refocusing or reorientation? The exhibit or the populace : Zimbabwe on the threshold
  Hudson, Kenneth. How misleading does an ethnographical museum have to Be?
  Rockefeller Foundation
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