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Title Ethnographic fieldwork : an anthropological reader / edited by Antonius C.G.M. Robben and Jeffrey A. Sluka.
Published Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2007
Detail xvi, 616 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Altork, Kate. Walking the Fire Line : The Erotic Dimension of the Fieldwork Experience
  Bateson, Gregory. Balinese Character : A Photographic Analysis
  Berreman, Gerald D. Ethics versus 'Realism" in Anthropology
  Berreman, Gerald. Behind Many Masks : Ethnography and Impression Management
  Boas, Franz, 1858-1942. The Methods of Ethnology
  Bourgois, Philippe. Confronting the Ethics of Ethnography : Lessons From Fieldwork in Central America
  Bowen, Elenore Smith. Return to Laughter
  Clifford, James. On Ethnographic Authority
  Cohen, Anthony P. Self-Conscious Anthropology
  Crapanzano, Vincent. Tuhami : Portait of a Moroccan
  Degerando, Joseph-Marie. The Observation of Savage Peoples
  Deloria, Jr Vine. Custer Died for Your Sins
  Donner, Florinda. Shabono : A True Adventure in the Remote and Magical Heart of the South American Jungle
  Edwards, David B. Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order
  Favret-Saada, Jeanne. The Way Things are Said
  Feld, Steven. Dialogic Editing : Interpreting How Kaluli Read Sound and Sentiment
  Ferguson, James. Beyond "Culture" : Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference
  Greenberg, Ofra. When They read What the Papers Say We Wrote
  Gupta, Akhil. Beyond "Culture" : Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference
  Hannerz, Ulf. Being There..and There..and There! Reflections of Multi-Site Ethnography
  Herzfeld, Michael. Senses
  Horowitz, Irving Louis. The life and death of Project Camelot
  Howell, Nancy. Human Hazards of Fieldowrk
  Johnson, Norris Brock. Sex, Color, and Rites of Passage in Ethnographic Research
  King Cecil. Here Come the Anthros
  Malinowski, Bronislaw, 1884-1942. Method and Scope of Anthropological Fieldwork
  Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978. Balinese Character : A Photographic Analysis
  Nash, June. Ethnology in a Revolutionary Setting
  Nordstrom, Carolyn. War on the front lines
  Olkes, Cheryl. The Taste of Ethnographic Things
  Pollock, Donald. Healing Dilemmas
  Powdermarker, Hortense. A Woman Going Native
  Rabinow, Paul. Fieldwork and Friendship in Moroccan
  Robben, Antonius C.G.M
  Robben, Antonius C.G.M. Ethnographic Seduction, Transference, and Resistance in Dialogues about Terror and Violence in Argentina
  Scheper-Hughes, Nancy. Ire in Ireland
  Sluka, Jeffrey A
  Sluka, Jeffrey A. Reflections on Managing Danger in Fielwork : Dangerous Anthropology in Belfast
  Stoller, Paul. The Taste of Ethnographic Things
  The Teachings of Don Juan : A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
  Wagley, Charles. Champukwi of the Village of the Tapirs
  Zabusky, Stacia. Ethnography In/of Transnational Processes : Following Gyres in the Worlds of Big Science and European Integration
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