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Title Knowledge across cultures : a contribution to dialogue among civilizations / Ruth Hayhoe and Julia Pan, editors.
Published Hong Kong : Comparative Education Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong, 2001
Detail xv, 391 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Hayhoe, Ruth
  Pan, Julia, 1955-
  Hayhoe, Ruth. Introduction: A Contribution to Dialogue among Civilizations
  Weiler, Hans N. Knowledge, Politics, and the Future of Higher Education: Critical Observations on a Worldwide Transformation
  Rahnema, Majid. Science, Universities and Subjugated Knowledges: A "Third World" Perspective
  Zeera, Zahra Al. Paradigm Shifts in the Social Sciences in the East and West
  Kirkness, Verna J. First Nations and Higher Education: The Four R's - Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, Responsibility
  Mazrui, Ali A. The Challenge of Cultural Dependency: An African and Islamic Perspective
  Rajagopal, Pinayur. Indian Mathematics and the West
  Berggren, J. Len. Historical Reflections on Scientific Knowledge: The Case of Medieval Islam
  Shuli, Ji. A Modern Interpretation of Sinic Science
  Rahman, Abdul. Inheritance, Creativity and Society
  Salam, Muhammad Abdus. Science, Technology and Science Education in the Development of the South
  Kanwen, Ma. East-West Medical Exchanges and their Mutual Influence
  Altbach, Philip. Gigantic Peripheries: India and China in the International Knowledge System
  Drake, Earl. World Bank Transfer of Technology and Ideas to India and China
  Peterson, Samiha Sidhom. Development as Transfer of Knowledge: A View from Egypt
  Franklin, Ursula M. Art, Technology and Knowledge Transfer
  Jie, Lu. On the Indigenousness of Chinese Pedagogy
  Bagherian, Fatemeh. Cultural Survival of Education in Iran
  Narang, Renuka. Social Justice through Non-Formal Education and University Extension Education: an Indian Case Study
  Swann, Peter. An Ancient Bridge: The Influences of the Arts of China on the West
  Blue, Gregory. Chinese Influences on the Enlightenment in Europe
  Bingde, Li. A Brief Overview of Sino-Western Exchange Past and Present
  Fengxian, Wang. Meeting Points of Transcultural Exchange - A Chinese View
  Croizier, Ralph. A Bridge Rebuilt: Artistic Interchange between China and the West in the 1980s
  Yongquan, Wang. The Concept of General Education in Chinese Higher Education
  Hayhoe, Ruth. Lessons from the Chinese Academy
  University of Hong Kong. Comparative Education Research Centre
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