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Title The idea of race / edited, with introductions, by Robert Bernasconi and Tommy L. Lott.
Published Indianapolis : Hackett Pub. Co., c2000
Detail xviii, 213 p. ; 22 cm
Added Author Bernasconi, Robert
  Lott, Tommy Lee, 1946-
  Bernier, Francois. "A New Division of the Earth"
  Voltaire, Francois-Marie. "Of the Different races of Man," from The Philosophy of History
  Kant, Immanuel. "Of the Different Human Races"
  von Herder, Johann Gottfried. Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Humankind
  Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich. On the Natural Variety of Mankind
  Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (G.W.F.). "Anthropology,"from the Encychopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences
  Gobineau, Arthur de. The Inequality of Human Races
  Darwin, Charles. "On the Races of Man," from The Descent of Man
  Galton, Francis. "Engenics : Its Definition, Scope and Aims
  Boas, Franz, 1858-1942. "Instability of Human Types"
  Locke, Alain. "The Concept of Race as Applied to Social Culture
  Montagu, Ashley. "The Concept of Race in the Human Speciesin the Light of Genetics"
  Bois, W.E.B. Du. The Conservation of Races
  Appiah, Kwame Anthony. "The Uncompleted Argument : Du Bios and the Illusion of Race"
  Senghor, Leopold. "What Is 'Negritude'?"
  Alcoff, Linda. "Mestizo Identity"
  Hanchard, Michael. "Black Cinderella? Race and the Public Sphere in Brazil"
  Omi, Michael. Racial Formation in the United States
  Winant, Howard. Racial Formation in the United States
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