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Title The politics of healing : histories of alternative medicine in twentieth-century North America / Robert D. Johnston, editor.
Published Routledge : New York, 2004
Detail viii, 386 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Johnston, Robert D. Introduction : the politics of healing
  Davidovitch, Nadav. Negotiating dissent : homeopathy and anti-vaccinationism at the turn of the twentieth century
  Kirschmann, Anne Taylor. Making friends for "pure" homeopathy : Hahnemannians and the twentieth-century preservation and transformation of homeopathy
  Clow, Barbara. Revisiting the "golden age" of regular medicine : the politics of alternative cancer care in Canada, 1900-1950
  Ackerman, Michael. Science and the shadow of ideology in the American health foods movement, 1930s-1960s
  Dror, Otniel E. "Voodoo death" : fantasy, excitement, and the untenable boundaries of biomedical science
  Davies, Wade. Western medicine and Navajo healing : conflict and compromise
  Rogers, Naomi. Sister Kenny goes to Washington : polio, populism, and medical politics in postwar America
  Nickerson, Michelle M. The lunatic fringe strikes back : conservative opposition to the Alaska Mental Health Bill of 1956
  Reilly, Gretchen Ann. "Not a so-called democracy" : anti-fluoridationists and the fight over drinking water
  Bix, Amy Sue. Engendering alternatives : women's health care choices and feminist medical rebellions
  Feldberg, Georgina. Inside-out : holism and history in Toronto's women's health movements
  Huntington, VelanaA quiet movement : Orisha and the healing of people, spirit, history, and community
  Reddy, Sita. The politics and poetics of "magazine medicine" : New Age Ayurveda in the print media
  Hess, David J. Cam cancer therapies in twentieth century North America : the emergence and growth of a social movement
  Schneirov, Matthew. Beyond the culture wars : the politics of alternative health
  Geczik, Jonathan David. Beyond the culture wars : the politics of alternative health
  Johnston, Robert D. Contemporary anti-vaccination movements in historical perspective
  Whorton, James C. From cultism to cam : alternative medicine in the twentieth century
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