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Title The Boswell thesis : essays on Christianity, social tolerance, and homosexuality / [edited by] Mathew Kuefler.
Published Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006
Detail viii, 348 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Kuefler, Mathew
  Hexter, Ralph. John boswell's gay science : prolegomenon to a re-reading
  Dinshaw, Carolyn. Touching on the past
  Schlager, Bernard. Reading CSTH to a call to action : Boswell and gay-affirming movements in American Christianity
  Jordan, Mark D. "Both as a Christian and as a historian" : on Boswell's ministry
  Richlin, Amy. Fronto + Marcus : love, friendship, letters
  Martin, Dale B. Heterosexism and the interpretation of Romans 1:18-32
  Matter, E. Ann. My sister, my spouse : woman-identified women in medieval Christianity
  O'Brien, Bruce. R. W. Southern, John Boswell, and the sexuality of Anselm
  Kuefler, Mathew. Male friendship and the suspicion of sodomy in twelfth-century France
  Masterson, Mark. Impossible translation : Antony and Paul the Simple in the Historia Monachorum
  Bowman, Jeffrey A. Beauty and Passion in tenth-century Cordoba
  Murray, Jacqueline. Sexual mutiliation and castration anxiety : a medieval perspective
  Karras, Ruth Mazo. Knighthood, compulsory heterosexuality, and sodomy
  Johnson, Penelope D. The body of Gerardesca of Pisa reclothed and resexed
  Mooney, Catherine. Francis of Assissi as mother, father, and androgynous figure
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