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Title Homosexuality in modern France / Jeffrey Merrick & BryantT. Ragan, Jr., editors.
Published New York : Oxford University Press, 1996
Detail x, 253 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Merrick, Jeffrey
  Ragan, Bryant T., 1960-
  Ragan, Jr. Bryant T. The Enlightenment Confronts Homosexuality
  Merrick, Jeffrey. The Marquis de Villette and Mademoiselle de Raucourt: Representations of Male and Female Sexual Deviance in Late Eighteenth-century France
  Colwill, Elizabeth. Pass as a Woman, Act like a Man: Marie-Antoinette as Tribade in the Pornography of the French Revolution
  Sibalis, Michael David. The Regulation of Male Homosexuality in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, 1789-1815
  Thompson, Victoria. Creating Boundaries: Homosexuality and the Changing Social Order in France, 1830-1870
  Peniston, William A. Love and Death in Gay Paris: Homosexuality and Criminality in the 1870s
  Rosario II, Vernon A. Pointy Penises, Fashion Crimes, and Hysterical Mollies: The Pederasts' Inversions
  Sautman, Francesca Canade. Invisible Women: Lesbian Working-class Culture in France, 1880-1930
  Hanna, Martha. Natalism, Homosexuality, and the Controversy over Corydon
  Nye, Robert A. Michael Foucault's Sexuality and the History of Homosexuality in France
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