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Title Companion to medicine in the twentieth century / edited by Roger Cooter and John Pickstone.
Published London : Routledge, 2003
Detail xix, 756 p. ; 25 cm
Added Author Cooter, Roger
  Pickstone, John V
  Pickstone, John. Production, Community and consumption : The political economy of twentieth-Century Medicine
  Brandt, Allan M. The Golden Age of Medicine?
  Gardner, Martha. The Golden Age of Medicine?
  Weindling, Paul. Health and Medicine in Interwar Europe
  Field, Mark G. Soviet Medicine
  Worboys, Michael. Colonial Medicine
  Lewis, Jane. Health and Health Care in the Progressive Era
  Packard, Randall M. Pos-Colonial Medicine
  Saks, Mike. Medicine and the Counter Culture
  Webster, Charles. Medicine and the Walfare State 1930-1970
  Goodman, Jordan. Pharmaceutical Industry
  Klein, Rudolf. The Crises of the Welfare States
  Blume, Stuart. Medicine, Technology and Industry
  Jenner, Mark S.R. The Historiographical Body
  Taithe, Bertrand O. The Historiographical Body
  Porter, Dorothy. The Healthy Body
  Sturdy, Steve. The Industrial Body
  Anderson, Warwick. The Third-World Body
  Armstrong, David. The Temporal Body
  Hall, Lesley A. The Sexual Body
  Pfeffer, Naomi. The Reproductive Body
  Thomson, Mathew. The Psychological Body
  Shamdasani, Sonu. The Psychoanalytic Body
  Micale, Mark S. The Psychiatirc Body
  Cantor, David. The Diseased Body
  Cooter, Roger. The Disabled Body
  Moulin, Anne Marie. The Defended Body
  Turney, Jon. The Genetic Body
  Balmer, Brian. The Genetic Body
  Amsterdamska, Olga. The Analyzed Body
  Hiddinga, Anja. The Analyzed Body
  Lowy, Ilana. The Experimental Body
  Cooter, Roger. The Ethical Body
  Cooter, Roger. The Dead Body
  Lederer, Susan E. Media
  Rogers, Naomi. Media
  Howell, Joel D. Hospitals
  Rafferty, Anne Marie. Nurses
  Larkin, Gerry. Health Workers
  Hart, Julian Tudor. Going to the Doctor
  Marland, Hilary. Childbirth and Maternity
  Viner, Russell. Children's Experiences of Illness
  Golden, Janet. Children's Experiences of Illness
  Bourke, Joanna. Wartime
  Stanton, Jennifer. Supported Lives
  Thane, Pat. Old Age
  Busfield, Joan. Mental Illness
  Lawrence, Christopher. Surgeons
  Treasure, Tom. Surgeons
  Pinell, Patrice. Cancer
  Berridge, Virginia. Aids and Patient-support groups
  Schumaker, Lyn. Malaria
  Bray, Francesca. The Chinese Experience
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