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Title Locating the field : space, place and context in anthropology / edited by Simon Coleman and Peter Collins.
Published Oxford ;New York : Berg, 2006
Detail xii, 204 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Coleman, Simon, 1963-
  Collins, Peter (Peter Jeffrey)
  Hannerz, Ulf. Studying down, up, sideways, through, backwards, forwards, away and at home : reflections on the field worries of an expansive discipline
  Bank, Leslie. Beyond the verandah : fieldwork, locality and the production of knowledge in a South African city
  Lee, Jo. Fieldwork on foot : perceiving, routing, socializing
  Ingold, Tim.tFieldwork on foot : perceiving, routing, socializing
  Frohlick, Susan. Rendering and gendering mobile subjects in a globalized world of mountaineering : between localizing ethnography and global spaces
  Mukadam, Anjoom. Post-diasporic Indian communities : a new generation
  Mawani, Shrmina. Post-diasporic Indian communities : a new generation
  Nisbett, Nicholas. The Internet, cybercaf้s and the new social spaces of Bangalorean youth
  Leach, James. Out of proportion? : anthropological description of power, regeneration and scale on the Rai Coast of Papua New Guinea
  Kristmundsdottir, Sigridur Duna. Far from the trobriands? Biography as field
  Rapport, Nigel. Diaspora, cosmopolis, global refuge : three voices of the supranational city
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