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Title Museum provision and professionalism / edited by Gaynor Kavanagh.
Published London ; New York : Routledge, 1994
Detail xiv, 362 p. ; 27 cm
Added Author Kavanagh, Gaynor
  Paine, Crispin. Some definitions of 'museum'
  Ambrose, Timothy. Some definitions of 'museum'
  Annis, Sheldon. The museum as a staging ground for symbolic action
  Canizzo, Jeanne. How sweet it is: cultural politics in Barbados
  Davies, Stuart. A sense of purpose: rethinking museum values and strategies
  Goode, G. Brown. The principles of museum administration
  Greene, J Patrick. Museums for the year 2000: a case for continuous revolution
  Jenkinson, Peter. Museum futures
  O'Neill, Mark. Piero della Francesca and the trainspotters
  Pearce, Susan M. Making up is hard to do
  Postman, Neil. Museum as dialogue
  Wallace, Michael. The future of history museums
  Weil, Stephen. The proper business of the museum: ideas or things?
  Kavanagh, Gaynor. Visiting and evaluating museums
  Suffield, Laura. The National Audit Office report on museums: Britain's museums 'deliver the product'
  Woroncow, Barbara. Public palaces or private places?
  Middleton, V. T. C. Purpose of museums and special characteristics of independents
  Warhurst, Alan. Higher concerns
  Kavanagh, Gaynor. Curatorial identity
  Murdoch, John. Defining curation
  Boylan, Patrick J. Cross-community curatorial competences
  DiMaggio, Paul. The American art director as professional: results of a survey
  Klemm, Mary. Museum sector workforce survey: an analysis of the workforce in the museum, gallery and heritage sector in the United Kingdom
  Leishman, Marista. Image and self-imag
  Phillips, Charles. Museum director as manager
  Shaw, Phyllida. The state of pay
  Porter, Gaby. Are you sitting comfortably? Are equal opportunities a luxury?
  Prince, David R. Women and museums
  Tucker, Marcia. Common ground
  Cossons, Neil. A new professionalism
  Cossons, Neil. Scholarship or self-indulgence?
  MacGregor, Neil. Scholarship and the public
  Weil, Stephen. The ongoing pursuit of professional status
  MacDonald, Robert. Ethics: constructing a code
  Madison, H. L. Tentative code of museum ethics
  Dunning, Fred. No objects, no money, no venue, no problem
  Spencer, Penny. Performance assessment in museums
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