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Title Reinventing the museum : historical and contemporary perspectives on the paradigm shift / edited by Gail Anderson.
Published Walnut Creek, Calif. : AltaMira Press, c2004
Detail xii, 402 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Anderson, Gail, 1954-
  Dana, John Cotton. The Gloom of the Museum (1917)
  Low, Theodore. What Is a Museum? (1942)
  Wittlin, Alma. A Twelve Point Program for Museum Renewal (1970)
  Cameron, Duncan F. The Museum, a Temple or the Forum (1971)
  Weil, Stephen E. Rethinking the Museum: An Emerging New Paradigm (1990)
  Ames, Michael M. Museums in the Age of Deconstruction (1992)
  Mesa-Bains, Amalia. The Real Multiculturalism: A Struggle for Authority and Power (1992)
  Gaither, Edmund Barry. "Hey! That's Mine": Thoughts on Pluralism and American Museums (1992)
  Skramstad, Harold. An Agenda for Museums in the Twenty-first Century (1999)
  Falk, John H. The Contextual Model of Learning (2000)
  Brown, Claudine K. The Museum's Role in a Multicultural Society (1992)
  Hood, Marilyn G. Staying Away: Why People Choose Not to Visit Museums (1983)
  Rand, Judy. The Visitors' Bill of Rights (2000)
  Screven, C.G. United States: A Science in the Making (1993)
  Kotler,, Neill. Can Museums Be All Things to All People? Missions, Goals, and Marketing's Role (2000)
  McLean, Kathleen. Museum Exhibitions and the Dynamics of Dialogue (1999)
  Roberts, Lisa C. Changing Practices of Interpretation (1997)
  Silverman, Lois H. Making Meaning Together: Lessons from the Field of American History (1993)
  Munley, Mary Ellen. Is There Method in Our Madness? Improvisation in the Practice of Museum Education (1999)
  Corrin, Lisa G. Mining the Museum: An Installation Confronting History (1993)
  Sullivan, Robert. Evaluating the Ethics and Consciences of Museums (1994)
  Gurian, Elaine Heumann. What Is the Object of This Exercise? A Meandering Exploration of the Many Meanings of Objects in Museums (1999)
  Weil, Stephen E. Collecting Then, Collecting Today: What's the Difference? (2002)
  Merritt, Elizabeth. Collections Planning: Pinning Down a Strategy (2002)
  Gardner, James B. Collections Planning: Pinning Down a Strategy (2002)
  Milner, Carole. Who Cares? Conservation in a Contemporary Context (1999)
  Warren, Karen J. A Philosophical Perspective on the Ethics and Resolution of Cultural Properties Issues (1999)
  Echo-Hawk, Walter. Deft Deliberations (1991)
  Monroe, Dan L. Deft Deliberations (1991)
  Malaro, Marie C. Deaccessioning: The American Perspective (1991)
  Weil, Stephen E. Creampuffs and Hardball: Are You Really Worth What You Cost or Just Merely Worthwhile? (1995)
  Weil, Stephen E. The Well-Managed Museum (1989)
  Boyd, Willard L. Museum Accountability: Laws, Rules, Ethics, and Accreditation (1991)
  Carver, John. Toward a New Governance (1997)
  Phillips, Will. Institution-wide Change in Museums (1993)
  Janes, Robert. Persistent Paradoxes (1997)
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