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Title Companion to historiography / edited by Michael Bentley.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2002, c1997
Detail xvii, 997 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Bentley, Michael, 1948-
  Bentley, Michael. General Internet: The Project of Historiography
  Morgan, David. The Evolution of Two Asian Historiographical Traditions
  Cartledge, Paul. Historiography and Ancient Greek Self-definition
  Comber, Michael. Re-reading the Roman Historians
  North, J.A., The Religion of Rome from Monarchy to Principate
  Heather, Peter. Late Antiquity and the Early Medieval West
  Banaji, Jairus. Modernizing the Historiography of Rural Labour: An Unwritten Agenda
  Smith, Julia M. H. Introduction: Regarding Medievalists: Contexts and Approaches
  Reynolds, Susan. The Historiography of the Medieval State
  Irwin, Robert. Saladin and the Third Crusade: A Case Study in Historiography and the Historical Novel
  Nelson, Janet L. Family, Gender and Sexuality in the Middle Ages
  Reuter, Timothy. The Medieval Nobility in Twentieth-Century Historiography
  Bachrach, Bernard S. Medieval Military Historiography
  Biller, Peter. Popular Religion in the Central and Later Middle Ages
  Woolf, D.R. Introduction Survey: From the Renaissance to the Eighteenth Century
  Reinhardllinson, Wolfgang. The Idea of Early Modern History
  Pumfrey, Stephen. The Scientific Revolution
  Woolf, D.R. The Writing of Early Modern European Intellectual History, 1945-1995
  Collinson, Patrick. The English Reformation, 1945-1995
  Sharpe, James. Popular Culture in the Early Modern West
  Hutton, Ronald. Revisionism in Britain
  Bentley, Michael. Introduction: Approaches to Modernity: Western Historiography since the Enlightenment
  Sole, Jacques. The Historiography of the French Revolution
  Merridale, Catherine. The Soviet Revolution
  Caplan, Jane. The Historiography of National Socialism
  Davis, John A. Modern Italy - Changing Historical Perspective since 1945
  Freitag, Ulrike. The Critique of Orientalism
  Crossley, Pamela Kyle. The Historiography of Modern China
  Smith, Alan. The English-Language Historiography of Modern Japan
  Bayly, C.A. Modern Indian Historiography
  Birmingham, David. History in Africa
  Degler, Carl N. Modern American Historiography
  Knight, Alan. Latin America
  Dray, William. Philosophy and Historiography
  Goodman, Jordan. History and Anthropology
  Halsall, Guy. Archaeology and Historiography
  Llewellyn, Nigel. The History of Western Art History
  Munz, Peter. The Historical Narrative
  Huppert, George. The Annales Experiment
  Rigby, S.H. Marxist Historiography
  Hufton, Olwen. Women, Gender and the Fin de Siecle
  Moore, R.I. World History
  Moss, Michael. Archives, the Historian and the Future
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