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Title Discovering anthropology : researchers at work-- cultural anthropology / Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember, Peter N. Peregrine.
Author Ember, Carol R
Published Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2007
Detail v, 354 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Added Author Ember, Melvin
  Peregrine, Peter N. (Peter Neal), 1963-
  Hays, Terence E. From Ethnographer to Comparativist and Back Again
  Oboler, Regina Smith, Nandi : From Cattle-Keepers to Cash-Crop Farmers
  Scaglion, Richard. Abelam : Giant Yams and Cycles of Sex, Warfare, and Ritual
  Ember, Carol R. On Cross-Cultural Research
  Ember, Melvin. On Cross-Cultural Research
  Hill, Jane H. Do Apes Have Language
  Pasternak, Burton. Han : Pastoralists and Farmers on a Chinese Frontier
  Hames, Raymond B. Yanomano : Varying Adaptations of Foraging Agriculturalists
  Lawless, Robert. Haitians : From Political Repression to Chaos
  Mckee, Lauris A. Andean Mestizos : Growing Up Female and Male
  Howard, Alan. Rotuma : Interpreting a Wedding
  Rensel, Jan. Rotuma : Interpreting a Wedding
  Anderson, Willam L. Cherokee : The European Impact on the Cherolee Culture
  Thompson, Richard H. Chinatowns : Immigrant Communities in Transition
  Abler, Thomas. Iroquois : The Tree of Peace and the War Kettle
  Davis, Susan Schaefer. Morocco : Adolescents in a Small Town
  Picchi, Debra. Balairi : The Death of an Indian
  Mitchell, Donald. Nimpkish : Complex Foragers on the Northwest Coast of North America
  Burch, Ernest S. North Alaskan Eskimos : A Changing Way of Life
  Miracle, Andrew W. A Shaman to Organizations
  Finerman, Ruthbeth. Saraguro : Medical Choices, Medical Changes
  Rosenblatt, Paul C. Human Rights Violations
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