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Title Experiencing fieldwork : an inside view of qualitative research / William B. Shaffir, Robert A. Stebbins, editors.
Published Newbury Park : Sage Publications, 1991
Detail xii, 274 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Shaffir, William
  Stebbins, Robert A., 1938-
  Maanen, John Van. Playing Back the Tape : Early Days in the Field
  Burgess, Robert G. Sponsors, Gatelkeepers, Members, and Friends : Access in Educational Setting
  Gurney, Joan Neff. Female Researchers in Male-Dominated Setting : Implications for Short-Term Versus Long-Term Research
  Richardson, James T. Experiencing Research on New Religions and Cults: Practical and Ethical Considerations
  Shaffir, William B. Managing a Convincing Self-Presentation : Some Personal Reflections on Entering the Field
  Fetterman, David M. A Walk Through the Wilderness : Learning to Find Your Way
  Mitchell, Richard G. Secrecy and Disclosure in Fieldwork
  Griffin, Christine. The Researcher Talks Back : Dealing with Power Relation in Studies of Young People's Entry into the Job Market
  Prus, Robert. Encountering the Marketplace : Achieving Intimate Familiarity with Vendor Activity
  Gubrium, Jaber F. Recognizing and Analyzing Local Cultures
  McLaren, Peter. Field Relations and the Discourse of the Other : Collaboration in Our Own Ruin
  Evans, A. Donald. Maintaining Relationships in a School for the Deaf
  Adler, Patricia A. Stability and Flexibility : Maintaining Relations Within Organized and Unorganized Groups
  Adler, Peter. Stability and Flexibility : Maintaining Relations Within Organized and Unorganized Groups
  Kleinman, Sherryl. Field-Workers' Feeling : What We Feel, Who We Are, How We Analyze
  Asher, Ramona M. Fragile Ties : Shaping Research Relationships with Women Married to Alcoholics
  Wolf, Daniel R. High-Risk Methodology : Reflections on Leaving an Outlaw Society
  Gallmeier, Charles P. Leaving, Revisiting, and Staying in Touch : Neglected Issues in Field Resarch
  Kaplan, Ilene M. Gone Fishing, Be Back Later : Ending and Resuming Research Among Fisherman
  Taylor, Steven J. Leaving the Field : Research, Relationships, and Responsibilities
  Stebbins, Robert A. Do We Ever Leave the Field? Notes on Secondary Fieldwork Involvements
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