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Title International tourism : identity and change / edited by Marie-Franaoise Lanfant, John B. Allcock, and Edward M. Bruner ; sponsored by the International Sociological Association.
Published London ;Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1995
Detail x, 246 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Lanfant, Marie-Francoise
  Allcock, John B
  Bruner, Edward M
  Lanfant, Marie-Francoise. International Tourism, Internationalization and the Challenge to Identity
  Picard, Michel. Cultural Heritage and Tourist Capital: Cultural Tourism in Bali
  de Vidas, Anath Ariel. Textiles, Memory and the Souvenir Industry in the Andes
  Michaud, Jean. Frontier Minorities, Tourism and the State in Indian Himalaya and Northern Thailand
  Allcock, John B. International Tourism and the Appropriation of History in the Balkans
  Bazin, Claude-Marie. Industrial Heritage in the Tourism Process in France
  Papamichael, Elly Maria Tourism and Tradition: Local Control versus Outside Interests in Greece
  Williams, Wendy. Tourism and Tradition: Local Control versus Outside Interests in Greece
  Shenhav-Keller, Shelly. The Jewish Pilgrim and the Purchase of a Souvenir in Israel
  Rozenberg, Danielle. International Tourism and Utopia: the Balearic Islands
  Morris, Meaghan. Life as a Tourist Object in Australia
  Burton, Suzy Kruhse-Mount.Sex Tourism and Traditional Australian Male Identity
  Crick, Malcolm. The Anthropologist as Tourist: an Identity in Question
  Bruner, Edward M. The Ethnographer Tourist in Indonesia
  International Sociological Association
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