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Title Museum visitor services manual / Roxana Adams, series editor.
Published Washington, D.C. : American Association of Museums,Technical Information Service, c2001
Detail x, 114 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Added Author Adams, Roxana
  Leonard, Andrea. Visitor Services Defined
  Chin, Dleanor. Beyond Quality Service :A Blueprint for Improving Visitor Services
  LeBlanc, Suzanne. From the Top Down :Visitor Service from the Director's Perspective
  Bergs, Lilita. Nobody's Baby :The Hidden Potential in Visitor Services
  Hill, Kathryn. Because it Just Makes Sense :Serving the Museum Visitor
  Rand, Judy. Visitors's Bill of Rights
  Phillips, Will. What Visitors Value
  Hooper-Greenhil, Eilean. A Welcome in a New Place
  Johns, Nick. Customer Perception Auditing
  Clark, Sue L. Customer Perception Auditing
  Ingenthron, Mary Kay. Tips on Serving Visitors' Needs
  Pulinka, Steven M. Visitor Services Pay Off
  Buckson, Deborah N. Visitor Services Pay Off
  Paiss, Naomi. Inside and out :Visitor Services and Communications in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
  Salmen, John P. S. Accessible Facilities and Exhibits
  Loomis, Ross J. Orientation Within the Museum
  Ham, Sam H. Working at an Information Station
  Hill, Kathryn. Serving Who Serve Visitors
  Ward, Susan M. If Only Our Museums Could be so Perfect!
  Bremer, D. Neil. Customer Service Training in Museums
  Gollub, Gaby. Distinguished Service
  Bresson, Tom. Public Safety, Institutional Security, and the Welcome Visitor
  Scharlach, Dave. Dealing with an Injury tests Guest Relations
  Korn, Randi. What Visitors Think About Visitor Services
  Boone, William J. Museum Visitors' Attitudes Toward Exhibits, Staffing, and Amenities
  Britt, Ruth S. Museum Visitors' Attitudes Toward Exhibits, Staffing, and Amenities
  Aubert, Joseph. Quality Visitor Services
  New England Museum Association. Museum Customer Service Questionnaire
  American Association of Museums. Technical Information Service
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