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Title Explaining social change : studies in honour of Colin Renfrew / edited by John Cherry, Chris Scarre & Stephen Shennan.
Published Cambridge, UK : McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge ;Oakville, CT : Distributed by David Brown Book Co., c2004
Detail xiii, 239 p. ; 29 cm
Added Author Renfrew, Colin, 1937-
  Cherry, John F
  Scarre, Christopher
  Shennan, Stephen
  Binford, Lewis R. Beliefs about death, behaviour, and mortuary practices among hunter-gatherers : a search for causal structure?
  Gamble, Clive. Social archaeology and the unfinished business of the Palaeolithic
  Mellars, Paul. Stage 3 climate and the upper Palaeolithic revolution in Europe : evolutionary perspectives
  Hodder, Ian. Neo-thingness
  Sherratt, Andrew. Fractal farmers : patterns of Neolithic origin and dispersal
  Johnson, Mats. An overview of Neolithic settlement patterns in eastern Thessaly
  Elster, Ernestine S. Figuring out social archaeology at Sitagroi
  Malone, Caroline. Towards an island of mind?
  Richards, Colin. A choreography of construction : monuments, mobilization and social organization in Neolithic Orkney
  Torrence, Robin. Now you see it, now you don't : changing obsidian source use in the Willaumez Peninsula, Papua New Guinea
  Pearson, Mike Parker. Island prehistories : a view of Orkney from South Uist
  Fleming, Andrew. Hail to the chiefdom? : the quest for social archaeology
  Whitelaw, Todd. The development of an island centre : urbanization at Phylakopi on Melos
  Sorensen, Marie Louise Stig. Stating identities : the use of objects in rich bronze age graves
  Oates, Joan. The role of exchange relations in the origins of Mesopotamian civilization
  Whitley, James. Cycles of collapse in Greek prehistory : the house of the tiles at Lerna and the 'heroon' at Lefkandi
  Higham, Charles. Before Devanika : social change and state formation in the Mekong Valley
  Doumas, Christos. Aegean islands and islanders
  Broodbank, Cyprian. Aphrodite observed : insularity and antiquities on Kythera through outsiders' eyes
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