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Title Challenging the limits : indigenous peoples of the Mekong region / Edited by Prasit Leepreecha, Don McCaskill, and Kwanchewan Buadaeng.
Published Chiang Mai, Thailand : Mekong Press, 2008
Detail ix, 379 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Prasit Leepreecha
  McCaskill, Don
  Kwanchewan Buadaeng
  Keyes, Charles F. Ethnicity and the Nation-States of Thailand and Vietnam
  McElwee, Pamela D. Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam :Are Globalization, Regionalism, and Nationalism Hurting or Helping Them?
  Phuc, To Xuan. Whose Land, Whose Forest? Contesting Highland Forest Resources in Vietnam
  Moizo, Bernard. Land Allocation and Titling in Laos :Origins, Problems, and Impacts on Minority Groups
  Cohen, Paul T. Akha of northwest Laos :Modernity and Social Suffering
  Lyttleton, Chris. Akha of northwest Laos :Modernity and Social Suffering
  Gravers, Mikael. Moving from the Edge :Karen Strategies of Modernizing Tradition
  O' Brien, Scott. Karen Perspectives on Schooling in their Communities :Indigenous Knowledge and Western Models of Education
  Pine, Fudith M. S. Landscapes of Literacy :The View from a Lahu Village
  Badenoch, Nathan. Managing Competition and Cooperation :Hmong Social Networks and Village Governance
  Fianxiong, Ma. Reconstucting Lahu History in China
  Casas, Roger. Theravada Buddhism in Contemporary Xishuangbanna
  Wasan Panyagaew. Moving Dai :The Stories of a Minority Band from the Upper Mekong
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