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Title Post-theory : reconstructing film studies / edited by David Bordwell and Noel Carroll.
Published Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, c1996
Detail xvii, 564 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Bordwell, David
  Carroll, Noel (Noel E.)
  Bordwell, David. Contemporary Film Studies and the Vicissitudes of Grand Theory
  Carroll, Noel. Prospects for Film Theory: A Personal Assessment
  Prince, Stephen. Psychoanalytic Film Theory and the Problem of the Missing Spectator
  Bordwell, David. Convention, Construction, and Cinematic Vision
  Peterson, James. Is a Cognitive Approach to the Avant-garde Cinema Perverse?
  Smith, Murray. Logic and Legacy of Brechtianism
  Livingston, Paisley. Characterization and Fictional Truth in the Cinema
  Neill, Alex. Empathy and (Film) Fiction
  Freeland, Cynthia A. Feminist Frameworks for Horror Films
  Leibowitz, Flo. Apt Feelings, or Why "Women's Films" Aren't Trivial
  Smith, Jeff. Unheard Melodies? A Critique of Psychoanalytic Theories of Film Music
  Levinson, Jerrold. Film Music and Narrative Agency
  Carroll, Noel. Nonfiction Film and Postmodernist Skepticism
  Plantinga, Carl. Moving Pictures and the Rhetoric of Nonfiction Film :Two Approaches
  Currie, Gregory. Film, Reality, and Illusion
  Anderson, Joseph. Case for an Ecological Metatheory
  Anderson, Barbara. Case for an Ecological Metatheory
  Hochberg, Julian. Movies in the Mind's Eye
  Brooks, Virginia. Notes on Audience Response
  Gerrig, Richard J. Notes on Audience Response
  Prentice, Deborah A. Notes on Audience Response
  Gomery, Douglas. Toward a New Media Economics
  Balio, Tino. Columbia Pictures: The Making of a Motion Picture Major, 1930-1943
  Maltby, Richard. Brief Romantic Interlude :Dick and Jane Go to 3 1/2 Seconds of the Classical Hollywood Cinema
  Crafton, Donald. Jazz Singer's Reception in the Media and at the Box Office
  Walsh, Michael. Jameson and "Global Aesthetics"
  Kirihara, Donald. Reconstructing Japanese Film
  Hjort, Mette. Danish Cinema and the Politics of Recognition
  Kepley, Vance Jr. Whose Apparatus? Problems of Film Exhibition and History
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