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Title Authenticity and cultural identity : performing arts in Southeast Asia / by Yoshitaka Terada.
Published Osaka : National Museum of Ethnology, 2007
Detail 187 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Cadar, Usopay H. Transmission of Maranao Kolintang Music
  Suanda, Endo. Transmission of Traditional Performing Arts :The Indonesian Case
  Nguyen, Phong T. "Our Songs Can Drown out the Bomb!" :Musical Change in Vietnam since the War
  Okazaki, Yoshiko. Studying Minority Performing Arts in Southeast Asia
  Fujii, tomoaki. Southeast Asia as a Cultural Cluster
  Garfias, Robert. Commentary on Presentations
  Sam, Sam-Ang. Transmission of Khmer Traditional Performing Arts :Its Genuineness, Challenge, and Impact on Society
  Reyes, Adelaida. Music and Minorities :The Future through the Past
  Douglas, Gavin. Myanmar's Nation-Building Cultural Policy :Traditional Music and Political Legitimacy
  Terada, Yoshitaka
  Umeda, Hideharu. Cultural Policy on Balinese Performing Arts :The First Decade of LISTIBIYA
  Beng, Tan Sooi. Music and Minorities. The Lion Dances to the Fore :Articulating Chinese Identities in Penang and Medan
  Baba, Yuji. Recent Changes in Tai-Lue Folk Song (Khap Lue) in Northern Thailand and Yunnan, China
  Simeda, Takasi. Identity Manipulation and Improvisatory Singing in Central Borneo
  Paritta Chalermpow Koanantakool. Shaping Official Dramatic Art in the Siamese-Japanese Cultural Exchange
  National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka (Japan)
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