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Title Cultural agency in the Americas / Doris Sommer, editor.
Published Durham : Duke University Press, 2006
Detail 385 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Sommer, Doris, 1947-
  Barbero, Jesus Martin. Intervening from and through Research Practice : Meditations on the Cuzco Workshop
  Barbero, Jesus Martin. Between Technology and Culture : Communication and Modernity in Latin America
  Taylor, Diana. DNA of Performance
  Canclini, Nestor Garcia. City that Improvises Its Globalization
  Nelson, Diane M. Cultural Agency of Wounded Bodies Politic : Ethnicity and Gender as Prosthetic Support in Postwar Guatemala
  Matory, J. Lorand. Tradition, Transnationalism, and Gender in the Afro-Brazilian Candomble
  Godenzzi, Juan Carlos. Discourses of Diversity : Language, Ethnicity, and Interculturality in Latin America
  Arias, Arturo. Conspiracy on the Sidelines : How the Maya Won the War
  Hernandez-Reguant, Ariana. Radio Taino and the Cuban Quest for Identi...que
  Corte, Denise. Olodum's Transcultural Spaces : Community and Difference in Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Performance
  Ramos, Alcida Rita. Political Construction and Cultural Instrumentalities of Indigenism in Brazil, with Echoes from Latin America
  Briones, Claudia. Questioning State Geographies of Inclusion in Argentina : The Cultural Politics of Organizations with Mapuche Leadership and Philosophy
  Hale, Charles R. Cultural Agency and Political Struggle in the Era of the Indio Permitido
  Villaveces-Izquierdo, Santiago. Crossroads of Faith : Heroism and Melancholia in the Colombian "Violentologists"
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