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Title Contemporary readings in globalization / editor Scott R. Sernau.
Published Thousand Oaks : Pine Forge Press, c2008
Detail xiii, 226 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Added Author Sernau, Scott
  Bardhan, Pranab. Awakening giants, feet of clay
  Fishman, Charles. Wal-Mart you don't know
  Ellner, Steve. Radical thesis on globalization and the case of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
  Weissman, Michaele. Coffee connoisseur on a mission
  Korten, David. Great turning: from empire to earth community
  Cassidy, John. Always with us: Jeffrey Sachs's plan to eliminate poverty
  Raffaele, Paul. Born into bondage
  Begum, Sharifa. Pulling rickshaws in the city of Dhaka
  Sen, Binayak. Pulling rickshaws in the city of Dhaka
  Gibbs, Nancy. Good samaritans: Melinda Gates, Bono, and Bill Gates
  Olivera, Mercedes. Violencia femicida: violence against women and Mexico's structural crisis
  Visscher, Marco. How one company brought hope to the poor
  Lindahl, Ronald. Right to education in a globalized world
  Carfagnam, Angelo. Breaking down notions of us and them: answering globalization with global learning
  Wines, Michael. Would-be pilot, hitting turbulence on the ground
  Murray, Graham. France: the riots and the republic
  Foot, Rosemary. Torture: the struggle over a peremptory norm in a counter-terrorist era
  Malone, David M. Peace and democracy for Haiti: a UN mission impossible?
  Cha, Victor D. Globalization and the study of international security
  Wilkinson, Ray. Biggest failure: a new approach to help the world's internally displaced people
  Kher, Unmesh. Outsourcing your heart
  Dugger, Celia W. Rumor, fear and fatigue hinder final push to end polio
  McNeil, Donald. G. Rumor, fear and fatigue hinder final push to end polio
  Steffen, Monika. Aids and health-policy responses in European welfare states
  Dugger, Celia W. US plan to lure nurses may hurt poor nations
  Maxted, Julia. Exploitation of energy resources in Africa
  Hertsgaard, Mark. While Washington slept
  Easterbrook, Gregg. Some convenient truths: stopping global warming
  Davis, Mike. Slum like it not: in the world's slums, the worst of poverty and environmental degradation collide
  Munn, Charles. Tropic of answer: ecotourism
  Osborne, Lawrence. Strangers in the forest
  Sernau, Scott. In American waters
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